AI: The Plan To Invade Humanity - By Cyrus A. Parsa

AI: The Plan To Invade Humanity--- Face, Fiction or Hidden Messages to Protect the Worlds People? Book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity https://cyrusaparsa.selz.com/item/artificial-intelligence-dangers-to-humanity Twitter @CyrusAParsa1 Official Website https://theaiorganization.com Instagram @CyrusAParsa1 Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization This video may not be downloaded to other channels, yet you can embed it into your website by using this channels link.

China and Big Tech threaten all the worlds people with a Quantum AI Digital Brain on the coming 5G and 6G networks that can form an AI system beyond the control of human beings. "Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity" goes deep into the inter-connections between AI, U.S, China, Big Tech and the worlds use of Facial Recognition, Bio-Metrics, Drones, Smart Phones, Smart Cities, IoT, VR, Mixed Reality, 5G, Robotics, Cybernetics, & Bio-Digital Social Programming. The book is sourced from a 10,000 page report converted to just over 200 pages with pictures and hidden inner meanings.


Fact, Fiction or Invisible Enemy? Open Our Wisdom, Hearts Prevent Global Conflict
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