Raven Moonstone's Story of her Truths - What is your story telling you about the world?

This video is my artistic rendition of my view of my story that I've been trying to write for 6+ years. I had dreams of the King and a girl from the 16th century. Also had my life reflected on the other side. This story has come to light truth my truths and my truths alone. Please validate your own truths. I'm not here to debate your truths as we all see what we want to see. I just know that I have seen through my experiences in life, that I have been lied to on a monumental scale. All material covered has links on my Facebook page. Please follow, not friend. Too many dark shadows to discern from. Please feel free to share. So buckle up and enjoy my overview of #theGreatAwakening #whiterabbits #kingjohn3 #trump #holygrail #bloodlines #dna #nesralaw #gesralaw #ravenmoonstoneart

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