Lucifer and Luciferians, Masters of Deception by Chuck Swindoll

This is a consideration of the psychology and biology which underlies the Luciferian cult.

For God and Country

Faulty Origins, Tainted Perspectives

So today we begin scrutinizing the only two western human origin theories. These are pre-ordained, pre-packaged, indoctrinated ways of taking apart the world and ourselves. The first is Creationism and the second Evolutionism. These two theories originated from extremely small, “educated”, elitist groups that have controlled thoughts about the world and our origin since before the Sumerians. The implications of this on human understanding cannot be over emphasized. We are still caught up and bound to these assumptions in the same way many are caught up with the idea aliens don’t exist. By having these questions already figured and answered for you as a child, the thought never occurs to question them. They are subsumed as reality like a vitamin is absorbed and becomes flesh. Don’t question, absorb. The Catholic Church, a corrupt re-costuming of the pedophilic Roman Empire bestowed to us Creationism. Science, an emotionless endeavor attempting to map the universe without any spiritual component, foisted Evolution upon us during the 19th century. These theories frustrate potential because every human must begin their ontological sojourn from short sighted theories that do not account for our potential, are riddled with contradiction, and are developmentally devastating. I mean, for starters the Bible was written under geocentric assumption, and science is basically an unapologetic atheistic endeavor which actually works to dismiss human value. It reminds me of a typical election: those in power offer only their two options, and neither one is palatable. But everyone has to one choose anyway. So here we are with western origin theories and everyone has to fall into one of the two options and make sense of everything from that, or they are dismissed as eccentric and quickly anathematized. Like it or not, the origin you buy into determines life vector. Taint the beginning, and all that follows is skewed. It’s like looking through a telescope, just a fraction of a millimeter off, and entire galaxies are missed. Such is our plight with these bad theories. Ask yourself, if we are just glorified slime mold from nothing for no reason (the big bang), or eternally subject to 4th century spiritual hierarchy models based on psychological control mechanisms, how far can we progress as individuals and as a culture? The question answers itself because the contradictions are so blatant and obvious. If we are ever going to self identify as individuals we must have a fundamental understanding of ourselves. That begins with knowing our origin in a way that does not demand obedience but inspires appropriate action through appreciation. A way of understanding so fearless, it does not require submitting to a group, but in fact encourages individuation. This video is a shot over the bow of the culturally accepted human origin narratives. It is simply a thought tool to open new doors of thought as we all unlearn during the Great Awakening.


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