Dolores Cannon – The 5D Earth Is Here 🌎 Will YOU Be There? | Preparing For The New Earth

Permissions granted by Ozark Mountain Publishing Inc. https://ozarkmt.com/ This video is a blend of two very important messages about the new earth from Dolores Cannon. The first is a 12 min Blog article from the Global heart website where Dolores Cannon shares her research about earth’s transformation to the new 5D earth. In this blog article she shares how we can prepare for the new earth.

The second part of the video is a segment from the book ‘the convoluted universe’ – book 2. Thank you Ozark Mountain Publishing for granting permission to publish a segment from the book about the new earth. This segment describes in more detail what the new earth is going to be like and why some will make the shift to the new earth and others will not.


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