The powerful LESSONS of 2021. Did you learn all of them? - Dr. David R. Hawkins' Treasure Trove


What does the Second Coming of Jesus Christ look like? ... And how do I know if I'm truly destined for enlightenment?... In this video, Dr. David R. Hawkins shares his view on the next stage of human evolution ... and how it's been a slow gradual process ... a couple of millennia in the making.
Dr. David R Hawkins is a sage whose wisdom has been sought for decades throughout the world by people at all levels of interest and knowledge about life and spirituality. Hawkins is well known for his books and talks on spiritual topics, including love, forgiveness, gratitude and consciousness. Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. was a nationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher and spiritual teacher who is known for his contributions to humanity and the world. Dr. Hawkins is uniquely qualified to present a spiritual path that would be scientifically compelling to modern society because of his advanced state of awareness and understanding, being that he was renowned psychiatrist who developed one of the biggest practices of his time and he had a near death experience that occurred to him around the age of 9 that he would wait to reveal during the later stages of his life but nevertheless spurred on a quest ...

Dr. David R. Hawkins' 
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