Why We Can’t Get This Journey Wrong and How We Are All Connected

Why We Can’t Get This Journey Wrong and How We Are All Connected
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Escaping Christianity ~ Finding Christ and
Musings From an Ex Christian Fundamentalist
Words By: Barbara Symons - Podcast # 18
We can’t get this wrong.
This journey in human consciousness, we can’t get it wrong.
We don’t have to worry about another “waking up” or getting things right, coming out from religion, political parties, bad marriages etc.
All things, all experiences are FOR us. Sometimes we are the student and other times we are the teacher - but all things, and all circumstances serve us.
We still struggle with feeling that others need to believe like us. We still struggle with the need to feel better, more alive, more awakened than another. That’s just the ego. It’s still doing its job to self-protect and have the human feel special.
We are beginning to understand this:
We are in a great cycle of time, longer than our present measurements of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries and millennia. We are in the midst of a giant cycle that lasts approximately 24,000 years where we moving through each sign of the zodiac, each lasting roughly 2000 years or so. During each 2000 years we come under the influence of the particular sign’s constellation, and the lessons and energy that it offers.
The Bible is an astronomical book too, recording the events up until the end of the age of Taurus (the destruction of the golden calf), the age of Aries (the ram caught in the thicket and sacrificed), and Pisces with its many references of fish.
The New Testament also points to the age of Aquarius when Jesus was asked what should the disciples do to celebrate the passover meal, he told them to look for the man bearing the pitcher of water (the sign of Aquarius). It is important to note the meaning of the passover is so that the firstborn does not have to die - the firstborn is your physical, mortal self. So we may expect something spectacular in the age of Aquarius bringing an end to mortality, where death is swallowed up of life.
Also of note is that during the passover in the Old Testament, they had to slay a lamb and put the blood on the threshold of their doors. The blood of the lamb slain is symbolic of Divinity, as it surrendered its immortal status, willingly becoming a mortal human to partner with us in this ever unfolding drama.
This divinely imbued human surrenders to union with its co-partner, divinity within, to ultimately birth the Christ. This surrender to union is encapsulated within the metaphor of the blood on the doorposts referencing the shed blood of the virginal hymen as it likewise sheds its blood upon penetration, putting blood on the birth portal (vagina).
As above so below - so there is another huge axiom here - there is another symbol of this union between the human and the Divine - our very mortal solar system and sun is in a lover's elliptical orbit that traverses around another star/system that takes approximately (you guessed it) 24,000 years.
Our sun has a lover! And indeed, our solar system may be in a gravitational relationship with many stars and or constellations!
Our sun is feminine in nature and it’s dual or binary is masculine, possibly the star Sirius. Right now our sun with our solar system in tow, is making a journey to reunite with its partner. Our sun sees to our physical needs but the possible binary partner of Sirius, sees to our spiritual life. The closer we traverse to Sirius, the more enlightened we become.
About the Author
Barbara Symons is an ordained minister and tireless spiritual seeker whose experience in Christian fundamentalism spans her lifetime beginning at five years of age. After leaving the church in 1999, Barbara began to recognize the fear-based propaganda that most fundamentalism employs.
Having spent forty-three years within Christian fundamentalism, ten of those years as an exorcist, Barbara has keen insight into this systematic religion and writes of her journey through deprogramming. Always captivated by unusual phenomena, Barbara has a vast repertoire of spiritual and metaphysical experiences from which to draw. She is a lecturer, teacher and writer who hopes to bring light to the mysteries that can be found within the historical stories of the Bible and beyond.
Barbara resides in College Station, Texas and is married to Lyle. Together they have three children and five grandchildren. Website: www.BarbaraSymons.com


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