My thoughts on Lucid Dreaming and Time Travel - Buddy Huggins

In this video, This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis. Some say that lucid dreaming can be used to time travel in a simulation. This is because lucid dreams are a form of biological virtual reality. Lucid dreamers can experience a subjective sense of time that differs from reality. Some lucid dreamers have reported that time moves more slowly or quickly in their dreams than in waking life. However, one study found that time perception does not differ in a lucid dream. One way to travel through time in a lucid dream is to imagine a time machine from a movie or show. Lucid dreams do not predict the future, but they can provide awareness that you are dreaming. Can you go back in time in a lucid dream? How to #TimeTravel - Using Lucid Dreaming - YouTube Have you ever wanted to travel back in time and meet someone famous, a dead loved-one, or your ancestors? Well, with lucid dreaming you can explore the past using the power of biological virtual reality (aka dreaming!). Is it possible to dream about time travel? While time travel is still a concept and not yet possible, there's no limit to what your subconscious mind can do. In fact, it can make time travel possible in your dream world, but not in a literal sense. If you enjoy this video, please like, comment, share, and subscribe to my channel. I appreciate your support and feedback. Thank you for watching. 😊 #luciddreaming #luciddreams #dreams #dreaming #luciddream #meditation #consciousness #astralprojection #spiritualawakening #dreamyoga #dream #lucid #awareness #art #astraltravel #yoga #outofbodyexperience #mindfulness #psychedelic #sleep #spirituality #dreamjournal #dreamwork #yoganidra #magic #intuition #thirdeye #astralplane #shadowwork


The Moon Matrix and the technology of the fallen world. Our ancient ancestry could not comprehend technology as we do, so it may be possible our scriptures are out of date. Why would a fallen angel wield a sword, when far greater weapons are available for example? Does the fallen world have a technological foundation, and is the moon it? In love and Christ all


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