Dr. Joe Marshalla's lecture video

Dr. Marshalla's new book In Repeatlessness you will discover:

- What the mind is and how it really works

- How to expand our love and happiness

- What emotions and feelings really are

- How beliefs are created

- Why we make the choices we make

- What all religious beliefs have in common

- How to achieve a life of Repeatlessness

Repeatlessness explains in lay terms how the mind works. The premise and practical application of its mind management tools, offer a fresh perspective on human psychology and spirituality.

The beauty of Repeatlessness is that it is a way of thinking that is all -inclusive. It is a path to all paths. It is a new way to perceive the world that actually embraces everyone and everything and at the same time allows for everyone to keep to his or her own spiritual focus.

The Mechanics of Mind Control #1 - October 9, 2008

Mind Awakening

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