The Energy Non-Crisis

The Energy Non-Crisis
1:15:08 - 2 years ago
SHADOW GOVERNMENT REVEALED-Lindsey Williams talks about his first hand knowledge of Alaskan oil reserves larger than any on earth. And he talks about how the oil companies and U.S. government won't send it through the pipeline for U.S. citizens to use.--http://www.freeviamail.com--http://thesenatorhillary.blogspot.com

You, Me and the SPP

Produced by: Paul Manly and Manly Media Ltd.

Paul Manly’s latest film ‘You, Me, and the S.P.P: Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule’ is finished and the DVD is now available. All pre-ordered DVD’s have been mailed out. A special thank you to all the individuals and organizations who contributed to this film – it couldn’t have happened without you!

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