Dan Winter's Red Ice Interview; Memory Through Death

Dan Winter - Fractal Geometry & The Golden Mean

Sacred Science of Carrying Memory Through Death

May 10, 2009

Dan Winter who's behind the website goldenmean.info join us to talk about sacred geometry, Fractality, gravity, physics and the science of Alchemy. We begin to talk about Dan's background. Topics Discussed: Ben Bentoff, Arthur Young, Andrija Puharich, Fractility, Forced, Gravity, Life Force, Grail, Bio Feedback, Plasma Universe, Electrical Universe, Aura, IBM, The Unified Field, Fractality of Gravity, Nassim Haramein, Paul Laviolette, Fractily in Air, Fractily in Water, The GDV Device, Exclusiveness, Inclusiveness, Focused Human Attention, Bioactive Electric Field, Perfect Coherence, Water Purification, Bird Song & Sonic Bloom, Heart Tuner, DNA, Lucid Dreaming, Tibetan Book of the Dead, The Science of Bliss, Memory Though Death, Genetic Engineering, Genetic Diversity, Seeds, Monsanto, Annunaki, Alpha Draconis and much more.

Dan Winter : Sacred / Angelic Science , Geometry and the Electric universe

Dan Winters (The Science of Death)

Links & Sources to the program

Alchemy Of Death


Science of Alchemy

Clinical Intro

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Dan Winter - Implosive Fractality

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