Seth Speaks
Seth Speaks, by Jane Roberts

Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts was one of the most precise and accurate channeled information to first usher in the new age.

"Each individual has access to intuitional knowledge and can gain glimpses of inner reality. The universe speaks to each of us in this regard....Consciousness creates form. It is not the other way around. All personality are not physical. It is only because you are so busily concerned with daily matters that you do not realize that there is a portion of you who knows that its own powers are far superior to those shown by the ordinary self. "

You have each lived other existences, and that knowledge is within you though you are not consciously aware of it. I hope that this book will serve to release the deeply intuitive self within each of my readers and to bring to the foreground of consciousness whatever particular insights will serve you most."

Seth channeled through Jane Roberts Seth Speaks Audio 1 of 13  

Born in 1929, Jane Roberts grew up in Saratoga Springs, NY, where she attended Skidmore College. Besides writing poetry, short stories, children's literature, novels, and metaphysics, her enormously poplular non-fiction includes: Seth Speaks, The Seth Material, The Nature of Personal Reality, Nature of the Psyche, and Adventures in Consciousness. Roberts died in 1984. Her husband, Robter Butts, is an artist and resident of Elmira, NY.

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