Unasleep June 05, 2010 — Why do our manifestations seem to work sometimes, but not other times? Why the seeming inconsistencies? This is the answer I went in search of, and it became a Journey that not only taught me more about who and what I really am, but that also led me into the realm of what we call 'miracles'.

We all do these things all the time, just unconsciously. I hope this video series helps you see what you need to see in order to do them consciously, as well as the why behind when sometimes they don't work, and what needs to be adjusted to remedy that.

Because you are not only the Leaf floating on the River of Life - You are the River that brings the Leaf all that it experiences. You are both. Consciously being the Leaf is something we all gain upon our entrance into this world. Consciously being this River takes a little practice, and I hope this video helps you begin to get your toes wet in doing so. :-)

A tremendous heartfelt thank you goes out to all my contributors, both witting and unwitting, and for their indulgence in allowing me to use their images and sounds and whatnot in order to weave this video. If it were not for your indulgence, these projects would not come together as easily, nor as pleasingly. Thank you. ♥

I hope you all enjoy this series, and find it useful to you in your Journey.

Much love to you all!
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