David Carmos -- Never Too Old to Become Young

David Carmos on The Gregory Mantell Show

At 66, nutrition expert David Carmos says you're never to old to have a youthful physique. He relies on a vegan diet and yoga to stay in shape. He is co-author of "You're Never Too Old to Become Young."

David J. Carmos

David Carmos began studying yoga in 1952 and became vegetarian in 1955. He has been vegetarian 52 years, a vegan for 44 years, and 90%+ raw for 24 years. He is now in his 65th year.

He taught the first accredited courses in America on yoga as therapy at Boston Universities Sargent College, School of Allied Health Sciences from 1966-70, was Director of the Howland-Bursley Manor House Museum, Cape Cod, from 1970-75 and is a graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture (79). He holds a Doctorate in the Allied Health Sciences (84).

He writes, researches and spends his time studying ancient healing concepts, nutrition, mythology, weights, cycling, yoga and the healing secrets of the ancient Essenes. He is an Essene Bishop. David co-authored You're Never Too Old To Become Young. www.perfecthealthnow.com

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