A Movie Clip Gathering with Jason Warwick

Date: August 22, 2010
Location: Living Miracles Monastery, Fruitland, Utah

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Jason Warwick

At a very young age Jason Warwick became aware of the simplicity of salvation; knowing that the same truth was beneath all separate interests and religions. Inspired by Mother Theresa's devotional life, he felt a calling to live a life of service without monetary rewards. His path involved religious science and working with youth, and after meeting David Hoffmeister around 2002 he was introduced to ACIM and Awakening Mind materials. Using these publications, spontaneous travels and volunteering as a backdrop, he was Guided through many assignments to loosen from limiting beliefs and to open up to living a life of Divine Providence. After joining fully with Messengers, the role of Acting Director for the Foundation was handed to Jason. Jason has stepped into this role, as well as a teaching role, and his gentle and direct approach, along with his total commitment to sharing the prompts Given by the Spirit, are a blessing to everyone. Write to Jason at jason@awakening-mind.org

Messengers of Peace (Sharing Joy in gatherings around the world)
We have dedicated our hearts to learning complete forgiveness and remembering God.

Nothing Real Can Be Threatened. Nothing Unreal Exists. Herein Lies the Peace of God.

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