The Holy Copulation Orgasm of Quantum Physics and The Theory of Relativity

Forget crucifixion - This video may very well elicit peals of "Off with her head!" by the scientific community. :-O But even if it does, I had to tell you one more thing about the male and female interplay, to show you how far it goes. So, its kind of a biggie at least to some, hence the expected attempts at beheading. :-D

What the Bleep! This download took me quite by surprise. I didnt expect it. But its a good one. And though Relativity and Quantum Physics are thought heady topics, I hope youll soon see how very simple it is when youre looking at it the right way:

It may seem incredible that such a great mystery could be overlooked so easily, but isnt that the way it often goes? Its always lying right under our noses, until someone quite innocently stumbles across it and says "Heyyyyy.......whats this?" But you be the judge. Watch this video and see for yourself whether this resonates with you.

Note: You may feel lost watching this video if you havent already watched The Spiritual Meaning of the Sexes video, so click here if you need to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vUtBh...

Gotta run. Here comes that angry, torch-bearing mob again! :-O


I hope you enjoy.

Much love to you all-

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