The Pineal Gland : A Stargate To Time Travel

The Pineal Gland is a hyper dimensional Stargate built into our human physiology which enables us to Time Travel. This technology was reverse engineered by the ancient Atlantean society. The stargate functions by the use of ordinary water, H2O. When shielded off from all of the electromagnetic references to our existing 3rd dimensional space/time... the water can shift and have a connection made to an inverted reality of time/space (3 dimensions of time and one dimension of space). When time/space has been entered there is access to one dimension of space and ability of movement through time...

In this realm fast forwarding or rewinding through time can be accomplished very easily much like in space/time we have easy movement ability through space.

This is accomplished through tiny molecules within the pineal gland water called microclusters. These micro clusters are depicted in plutonic solid geometry shapes. The microclusters form a resonant gateway which allows transition into time/space.

When "fired up" by means of "Kundalini activation" the pineal gland stargate technology is accessed. "Kundalini activation" is the balancing of all of the chakra energy centers within the human body that will ultimately allow for pineal gland technology activation. This activation is felt as a ringing, buzzing or pressure inside of the head. During this process a series of complex electromagnetic intersecting rings of energy spin around the water within the pineal gland which causes the pineal gland to "gate over" into time/space where your access to linear time can be directed to some degree by your conscious focus.

In the documentary The 2012 Enigma David Wilcock speaks about DNA, Consciousness, Stargate Technology & The Pineal Gland in detail ... this is the part where he speaks about the Pineal Gland.

Source : 2012 Enigma ~ Stargate Technology

A presentation by Danny Searle
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In the following videos, Danny Searle discusses many aspects of the 2012 ascension process underway ...

In the first part he speaks about human DNA, and how we perhaps might've evolved thanks to the genetic intervention of an Extraterrestrial race with whom we share most of our DNA.

Much of human DNA is still a mystery to science. 97% of our DNA is called "Junk DNA" but in fact it is Divine DNA preparing to be activated soon.

About 85 percent of people are Rh positive which means Rh-Negatives are RARE! Rh- people typically have: Higher IQ, Sensitive vision and Psychic / healing abilities. So where did the Rh- blood type come from?

There is a hard digital link between emotions and genetics. This is the first time we have ever seen the patterns of emotion directly and physically linked to the human genome. Emotions have a direct effect on our DNA structure and therefore our health.

The Earth has been wiped out at least 3 times in the past by a Superwave. The ancient Maya, Hopi and many other cultures have left us warnings about an impending disaster. A Superwave has already left the galaxy's core and will be arriving in late 2012. The next Superwave will destroy this world and herald the next "5th World" or Golden Age. But only those that are suitably prepared will make it to the 5th World...

The Galactic Superwave contains the mechanism for switching on your 12 Strand DNA. By raising your vibration and living in the LOVE vibration you can activate your 12 Strand DNA. 12 Strand DNA will open Universal Wisdom to you as well as transform you into a 5th Dimensional existence. In this presentation you will learn the actual mechanism that your body employs to alter itself for a new Cosmic Evolution!

It has been understood by ancient cultures for centuries that the Pineal Gland is the seat of great power and potential. The ruling powers know this and have tried to hide it from the masses for centuries. By activating your Pineal Gland you begin your journey to Universal enlightenment.

This prophecy was given by Peter Deunov in 1944, just prior to his death and it regarding the end of our civilization and the beginning of the Golden Age on earth.
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There are 3 questions I get asked on a very regular basis:

1. What will happen to those that do not Ascend?

2. What will I experience during the Ascension process?

3. What can I expect life to be like on the 5th Dimension?

So in this video I hope to address these questions to the best of my knowledge.


Andrew Norton Webber - Distilled Liquids and the Pineal Gland

Andrew Norton Webber's research on the benefits of distilled water will make you think twice about any water you're currently drinking. Plus, your pineal gland will thank you for this knowledge!


My Guest is ANDREW NORTON WEBBER. I first heard about Andrew's work through my friend and guest, Diana Luppi who wrote one of my favorite books, "ET:101 the Instruction Manual". She had been listening to an internet radio broadcast by Chrissy McMahon interviewing Andrew Norton Webber.

In her excitement, she forwarded the link to me. I, in turn, was astonished by the information and sent it to others. Since, Andrew and I have been collaborating on the use of distilled water and "liquid therapies". This show is an overview and introduction about how to empower our Selves and halt the insanity of ingesting toxic chemicals. It is no secret that there are dozens of odorless, tasteless toxic inorganic chemicals and pharmaceuticals in our drinking water.

In addition, we discuss the fallacies about "spring water" and mineral waters, and why they are not beneficial. We are being deceived into thinking that all minerals are good. This is not true. There are organic minerals, from plants ingesting hard inorganic minerals, and there are Inorganic minerals that the body cannot use which must go somewhere.

In the body's infinite wisdom, the main credo is "First, do no Harm". Infinite intelligence moves Inorganic and unusable minerals, found in well, spring and "special waters" that cost money, to those parts of the body least likely to have problems with it. Drink enough of these dead, inorganic minerals and the body eventually must place toxins such as Fluoride, Chlorine, Cryptosporidia, Giardia lambia, Arsenic, Barium, Boron, Cadmium, Cobalt, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Selenium, Vanadium, RADIUM, Chloride, Nitrate, Ammonia, Trifluralin, Dicamba, Bromoxynil, Trialletel, Benzene, Bromoform, Carbon tetrachloride, Chlorobenzene, Chloroform, Toluene, Phenol, Fluoranthen, Hexachloroethane, Isophorone, Nitrobenzene, Phenanthrene and about 20 other toxic, odorless and tasteless inorganic compounds in places where harm IS INEVITABLE.

This leads to the obvious results: Arthritis, eye disorders, brain dysfunction, auto-immune disorders and many other "dis-eases". These compounds came from tests run by the University of Pennsylvania & Carnegie Mellon University. Distilled water removes all of the above, including RADIATION from nuclear mishaps!

Andrew discusses the "why and how" to de-mineralize (de-calcify) and unlock the awesome power of our own living glands; in particular, the Pineal, which is the King and Queen of our higher faculties working in synchronicity with all our glands, when fully working and not "deadened" by fluoride and myriad other "toxic substances".

We are doing a series of shows at BBS Radio which are not scheduled during my regular broadcast time. Each show will be tailored to discussing a specific dis-ease, with case histories of those who have healed themselves using simple, easy to use and inexpensive liquid therapies. We briefly talk about amniotic fluid, and open the discussion to the fact that "Our best therapy on all levels is always within". To reach Andrew with questions, he is working on setting up his website, Aquarius the Water Bearer and can be emailed here.

Andrew Norton Webber wanted me to share the following with you. This is good material, so bookmark it for future reference:

Urine Therapy and Creating your Ascension Experience

24 Doctors with the courage to tell the truth about Distilled Water
SEE ALL 24 Here at this link;
source:  http://www.in5d.com/andrew-norton-webber-distilled-liquids-and-the-pineal-gland.html


Distilled water is THE water which runs through ALL water-based life forms.

I've put together the specific writings of twenty-four doctors who all support the benefits of Distilled Water. The first few pages of Dr. Hanish's book (Doctor #24) at the end of this, are really quite stunning. If, after reading this, you think you would like to try distilled water, I HIGHLY suggest you follow his instructions. EVERYONE we know, who has followed his instructions, has had results of a MOST SUCCESSFUL nature.


Everybody needs to switch their drinking water to distilled water.

A half gallon a day MINIMUM, most preferably a gallon, ESPECIALLY during the recovery period.



http://www.in5d.com/images/fountainnn.jpgThey want you to think it's "lost" so you'll believe it can only be found buried deep in the woods somewhere.

When all along it's your own fountain. There's not just one fountain of youth on the planet, there are 7 BILLION and counting! Everybody comes with his or her own built-in water fountain! The creator would not put you here without the complete ability to take care of yourself.

This explains why you see cherubs and babies peeing into water fountains all over the planet. This is nothing less than a clever pictogram for the fountain of youth.

When people fast for 20-30 days on just urine and water, not only do they vaporize WHATEVER illness they had, by the time they are finished, they lose 20-30 years in appearance!!! Multiple books printed worldwide on the subject contain over 1000 case histories of miraculous cures accompanied by amazing rejuvenations. Without fail, this is what happens when one dips a cup into his or her fountain of youth.

http://www.in5d.com/images/grailll.jpgThe holy grail is a myth. Those who study the esoteric schools know that hidden in myths are core truths.

The secrets of Urine Therapy are hidden in the mythical stories of the holy grail.
No one needs to look any further for "THE" holy grail.

Questers for the Grail seek long life, full health, and spiritual power. Those are the EXACT benefits of drinking urine!!! The hidden joke is that it's not the cup that's magical, it's whats in the cup! You can never find "THE" holy grail because ANY cup, vessel, or grail can become "A" holy grail if you start dipping it into the "FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!!!!!" So there is no such singular item as "THE" holy grail.
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Okay, now, THIS is where the knowledge of perfect water really comes into play...

Distilled liquids (urine, rain, raw juices, and machine-made) will not only destroy and rip out ALL toxins, but as amazing as that is, and as blessed of a relief that is to finally have found an all-powerful defense against Dis-Ease, it is only a minor victory compared to the much sought after, much higher reward of the opening of each human's very own STARGATE in the center of their head.

THIS, is what will REALLY allow all of the "love and light" to shine that everybody is so heroically working on.

It's as easy as drenching yourself with distilled water, just like the Earth does whenever it wants to clean. It pours distilled water (rain) abundantly upon itself!!!!!

JOB 36:27

"For he draws up the drops of WATER, he DISTILLS his mist in the rain, which the skies pour down, and DROP UPON MAN ABUNDANTLY."

Drink at least a gallon a day of distilled liquids, and let it fill you with light.

( volume makes all the difference, don't skimp around with a quart or so, remember, drop it 'abundantly' upon yourself )

I have noticed in my research that simplicity is quite often a hallmark of the most heavy-duty truths.

And possibly THE most important of all, read this when you have time. It is the first urine therapy book I ever read. It will blow you away to read first hand accounts of what this therapy really does for people...

The Water of Life


This video is two more case histories of what happens to people when they switch to distilled liquids. They get skinnier, they get healthier, they get happier, AND... THEY GET YOUNGER!!!

source:  http://www.in5d.com/andrew-norton-webber-distilled-liquids-and-the-pineal-gland.html

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