2010 UFO Sightings: New York City, China and Now El Paso Texas See Same UFO lights?

UFO Sighting in New York & El Paso
Only weeks ago, former US Government Personell talked about how they were told not to discuss UFOs that they saw on Nuclear facilities which disarmed several nuclear weapons that were being tested. Then came reports of UFO sightings at an airport in China. Critics claim that these sightings may have been military aircraft that the Chinese Government are working on. People that saw the Chinese UFO’s be to differ though. Then last week, hundreds of people saw strange lights in the sky over New York City during the day. These lights formed different patterns, and moved very quickly, according to eye witnesses. Critics claim that they were merely balloons that were accidentally released by an elementary school in New York. These New York City UFO sightings are not where this story ends though.

The creepiest part of this story came a few days ago in El Paso, Texas. People in El Paso say they saw multiple lights doing very strange maneuvers in the sky. It was first 3 bright lights that appeared as though they were meteors. They then stop in the sky, and dramatically change direction. Then out of nowhere, a forth light joined in before totally disappearing. When these strange lights were compared to those seen in New York City a few days prior, they look almost exactly the same.

John Abbott, who saw the New York City UFO in person, and the El Paso UFO on TV said, “There is no doubt in my mind that these were extraterrestrial beings. It would have to be an extreme coincidence for the same exact lights to appear in two places in only a few days if it were balloons or something else from earth. The government should let the people know what they know about UFOs.”

Check out the news video about the El Paso, Texas & New York City UFO sightings above:


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