The Upgraded Lightworker ~ Visualising Terra Nova

There is something coming, I can feel it!

This seems to be our mantra within the spiritual community at the moment. Without a doubt, within our Souls, our cells we feel that something is coming. We know on a very deep level that something big is going to happen on this planet. Psychologically, Societally, Politically, Economically, Planetary...Spiritually. A system wide change. Something is most definitely coming.

What You Focus On

It is important we realise how crucial we are, as part of this change. First of all, none of these major changes have happened yet. This is so important to remember. Because as we focus our energies on what may happen, we collude with a reality timeline to create events that may or may not happen!

Whilst there is a destiny in place, nothing is written in stone ~ which is the paradox. What you focus on is of huge value. Which is what we are being shown daily on a personal level!

When there is a worldwide meditation, the effects are extraordinary. Scientific research reveals this. Now we can imagine what happens when thousands of lightworkers focus on seemingly disastrous upcoming events…..Yet still these events do not occur! What does that tell us about the nature of the Divine Plan?

lightworkerThe Plan is Happening according to its own Destiny.

How we radiate out our knowledge is critical during these times. With a public already entrenched in fear, it is imperative we do not use an illusion to fight an illusion. There is no fight here but to stand tall in the Light of Truth and show a New Way. Our very purpose here is to Unite, with Love and eliminate the illusion of fear. That is the ultimate role of a Lightworker, to bring Light into darkness.

You are already designed to deal with the changes

Over the past few years you have been bombarded with energies, kicked up the spiritual backside, pelted with high frequencies of love, forced to release and transform at a rate that you didn’t even think was possible, let alone rarely given any time for a respite. You are still here.

This is testament to how fully trained you already are ~ let alone what you have been in training for within the last two years. You are emerging like the proverbial caterpiller into a butterfly. You are metamorphosing into something truly incredible. Into Your True Angelic Presence. You are becoming A Human Angel.

You are the elite of the elite. This is why you are here. You have not only chosen to be here, you have been chosen to be here. That is how uniquely divinely engineered you are for your role on this planet during these times of times.

Whatever occurs on the outside you have been prepared for and will know exactly what to do at the right time. This is your destiny - and also the destiny of all others, for all are irrevocably interlinked. This is the Grand Plan, and without each cog of the wheel turning (each of you) in the direction it is meant to go, the wheel would not turn in the right direction it is destined to go. It has been designed to move in the right direction, always. Therefore the cogs are similarly turning in the right direction, always.

You are also in a physical Universe that asks one thing of you: Play. When you play, you create, you become part of the Universe around you. There is nothing to lose through playing. Through trying out new things, you are simply opening more doors for more of you to experience greater things. And consequently you open doors for others to do the same.

The Upgraded Lightworker

The new Lightworker is one that has never been seen before upon this planet. A being of unimaginable Love and power. One who is capable of multi-layered, multidimensional creation through pure intention. This Lightworker is connected to profound energies through their own development and spiritual growth, energies that are now being channelled into this realm, assisting the Shift.

This Lightworker didn’t appear out of nowhere. He/She has been fully trained for this and has spent their entire lives and especially the last few years being in Spiritual Bootcamp, trained to the limit to be where they are now. This Lightworker is You.

Your activated Lightbodies and ever-spiritually translucent energies, carrying the wisdoms of your Soul through all your lives, are ready. Whilst you may feel tremendously lethargic and weak, and pulled by the Universe, recognise the reasons why you would be feeling this way. A very high vibrational body and energy would find traditional third dimensional reality extremely dense. You are being trained to be the New You in this world. Once you have fully acclimatised with this realm, you will begin to see the true scope of your abilities.

You, as you are now, have never existed upon this planet before in the form you are now. With every breath you take it is an extraordinary accomplishment of who you are.

Your abilities are tremendously profound. Play with them. Discover what you can do, through your meditations, focuses. Use the Light and Be the Leader.

Leading the Way

Lightworkers right now are waiting for the leaders to step in to give them the space to step into their own power.

There is no one you are waiting for but yourself.

You are the Leader you have been waiting for. You are the One that you are anticipating to encourage you, push you onto your path, give you the leg up to start your work. You are already ready. You are simply waiting for the pistol to fire to get on your marks! However the pistol has already fired and you are now waiting for yourself to pluck the courage to recognise that you are the Living Master of Light.

New Paradigm of Leaders
The new paradigm of leaders is not leading a group. It is a leader of one’s own heart. A leader who leads from the back and supports the group, the masses out.

You are ready to Lead. Your journey now has reached the end of One aspect, one stage, and entering a wholly new one. Many of you are Indigos or Crystalline, heralding an energy of tremendous change and/or creation. Essentially the Rainbow Warriors, those who are consciously integrating their masculine / feminine and radiating from their heart centre. Listen to your heart. There is a distinct reason why you have been experiencing so much change! Yes for healing, but also to prepare you for your specific designed energy: that of Change. You have been prepared internally to deal with massive system change, preparing you to externally prepare for it, and in many cases, initiate that change!

The moment you make a step out, to express your truth, in whatever means that may be, written, film, radio, public, to friends, as a talk, workshop, the media, whatever way it is, gives others the space to then step out themselves. And this ultimately is one of your main purposes here. To provide the space for the activation of humanity. Step into your roles Masters.

Terra Nova: Visualising the New Earth

There is a New Earth coming. In fact it is already here. The Illusion right now is that is about to open up in some external way. You are the Portal. You are the energetic transmitter that perceives reality through your perceptions. The 5th dimension is not something that will open up magically before you. It already exists. All dimensions exist simultaneously. It is us that are changing, and through our changes we are perceiving more of reality and moving out of space/time from the 3rd, 4th into the 5th dimension. The New Earth that is already set up and waiting for us to inhabit.

That transition is over, for over the past few years you have been moving yourselves out of an old reality because you have been changing at such phenomenal speeds. This essentially means that you are already seeing a new reality yet have not yet comes to terms with it. The way you act, react, think has changed. The way you create has changed. The way you connect to Spirit has changed. How has it changed? We are all learning now and exploring together on this journey to discover just how incredibly magical this new reality we are in, is.

What is the scope of your imagination? Imagine and Visualise it. It will become a reality through the collective vibration of all involved. Cities of Light. Peace. Harmony. Exploration. Evolution. All of it is possible through a collective agreement. You are so powerful now in your creative abilities, in the sense of not having to wade through treacles of low density energy, you now have access to instantaneous creations as well as a whole new scope of seemingly magical abilities and possibilities that were not possible before in a lower frequency dimension.

Co-create a New Earth with your brothers and sisters, and see it blossom before your eyes. It is the Earth that you deserve to live within, and one that you will make the Future proud to look back in its history ~ to see You at the foundation of this New World.

Choose Love

Written by :
Vaz Sriharan


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