Wiley Brooks need your Love and Help, He finds himself Homeless

Star date: 12-17-2010
   9 days of being homeless and counting.......?

From his blog:  http://breatharian.com/wileysblog.html

I didn't expect to be writing about this type of life-style which I currently find myself in.  But since I have plenty of time between standing in lines for a place to sleep, eat, use the toilet, brush my teeth, take a shower, wash my back pack of clothes (which I don't dare take my eyes of them for one minute or they will  get stolen).  There are  several hours of standing in various lines each day starting at 6am and ending at about 9pm at night, most of this time is standing outside in the cold and rain or blisterring sun.  Unfortunate for me I got the cold and rain, I clearly had counted on blisterring heat.

Mybe you can help,  maybe you know someone in Las Vegas, NV.  Maybe you know his work, with the
Breatharian Institute Of America.  His web site is :   http://breatharian.com/

His words:     This page is for those who love to give and have the money to give.
Thank you,
Wiley Brooks  

    Empowered ascension is an intimately personal process.  Every aspect of the process and every experience along the way belongs uniquely to the individual candidate.  One might choose a combination of the technique suggested above and/or create entirely new methods for handling the microbiological details of the ascension process.

    The lightbody is a birthright of humanity; everyone will step into it sooner or later, one way or another.  It is the destiny of humanity to come to know its own divinity.  It is nirvana and light-merge; it is becoming one with the All.  It is wonderful, and you will come to experience it...regardless of which pathway you choose and even if it takes you a long time to get there from here.

    But empowered ascension is beyond a simple integration with the lightbody.  It is not a birthright; it must be earned.  It must be actively, consciously co created.  The empowered ascended one becomes a living God on Earth.  She or he will be in full oneness with the higher powers, yet will also walk the Earth in godly power and grace, taking part in the life of the planet and in the lives of its inhabitants as she or he may see fit.  If it's what you want, you can do it      The concept of empowered ascension is a uniquely human one, and will mark the creation of a new breed of human beings in whom higher powers are also vested.  The universe is watching in breathless anticipation for the next development in the process, the next step forward.

    Microbiology, the restructuring of the physical human body so that it can successfully sustain the assumption of the lightbody into itself, is a critical part of the process.  Science can contribute to the making of this miracle, but science alone cannot make it happen.  The researchers who decipher the mysteries of microbiology and map the human genome are giving the candidates for empowered ascension more tools to work with, more information to build on, but that won't be enough.

    Empowered ascension is both a physical process a spiritual process.  You can't get there by body focus alone.  Scientists are on a path toward reducing (and eventually eliminating) a number of physical health challenges through genetic alteration and gene therapy.  Even though there might be some expensive mistakes along the way, this is, in principle, a wonderful thing for humanity.  However, its benefits-improved quality of life and a tendency toward greater longevity-cannot, in and of themselves, bring about ascension.

    Apart from the issues of spiritual development that pave the way for ascension, there is also a glaring omission in the scientific research and development approach toward achieving human immortality:  no one is working on converting the human body's fuel source from food to direct energy and the subsequent questions of how to deal with the mitochondria.  The traditional scientific research community, despite their great leaps forward in genetic research, would presumably laugh at the idea that such a thing is even possible.

    This aspect is clearly being left to the spiritual "Research & Design" community, and perhaps that is just as well, for only the most unlimited and freethinking researchers are going to be able to come up with workable solutions to the problem.  Science can't make it happen.  Ritualistic or religious approaches can't make it happen.  Limited thinking can't make it happen.  Simple body focus can't make it happen.  It's going to take the fully developed spiritual qualities of an enlightened candidate whose intelligent imagination and resourceful problem-solving skills represent the best of humankind.  And it's going to take the intense focus of someone who truly wants empowered ascension for all the right reasons.  It's going to take someone who knows herself/himself to be truly human and who is ready to mature into his/her essential divinity.


Read more about Wiley Brooks:   http://buddyhuggins.blogspot.com/search/label/Wiley Brooks

Norway Shafts of Light

First of all: this could possibly be huge.

Secondly, hi everybody! Something odd happened today/yesterday, as what I would define as strings of light appeared over a city in Norway. The authority automatically dismissed any abnormal causes, saying it's a weather phenomenon. So here's the link to an article talking about this:
Lights Over Norway (if someone can translate this that'd be appreciated)

Ok, so here's the interesting part! As odd as they look like, they were actually predicted! I know most of you aren't big fans of channeled material, but hey!

So read this channeling with the Blossom Goodchild (whoever it may be, hoax or not, he talked about this 3 days ago): Blossom Goodchild

Here are the pictures:
Read more about Wiley Brooks:   http://breatharian.com/wileysblog.html

I was told, along this picture of the sky over Oslo. Remember what Blossom’s soruce, the Galactic Federation, said about shafts of light appearing in the sky?
There is a physical explanation for the phenomenon over Oslo. A ski slope’s ice cannons were left on over night. I accept that explanation, but the sight is very apt even if ice cannons were the source.  Perhaps a suggestion of what we may expect in the future.

Here is one of the ice cannons thought to have created the weather conditions:

Click on Pics to see:  Big Pics

Foto: Mikael Kristiansen

Weather? Possibly ...  yet did not The Federation say  "There shall be 'laughable' explanations to that which we surprise you with , yet you shall know better."
Anyway .... find your own Truth in this! 
Away for a few days over christmas. Enjoy everybody. 
Golden Rays ... loads of them!
Bloss xxx



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