You Are the Judge and the Jury


Your desire to "be all you can be", expand yourself spiritually as well as bring harmony and balance into your life is the yearning your heart expresses as it brings the truth of your anointing into your consciousness.  You are God in form.  You are the Christ.  Embrace it.  Embody it.  Be it

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 Christos and the Judgment of the Mind

You, as a human being, operate through voluntary and involuntary actions.  The most involuntary action is the beat of the heart, the voice of your soul.  Whether you are awake or asleep, conscious or unconscious, the pulsing heart keeps beating and accessing information from all realms. 

Your conscious actions and thoughts comprise your voluntary actions.  These actions are comprised of what you want to think, what you want to express and what you want to do.Both your voluntary actions and involuntary actions are recorded in the record of your soul.  Whether you are expressing in the world of physicality or in another dimension altogether, your soul is remembering every single facet of your experience. 

This information is accessible and usable.  It conforms to your perception of its existence opening the doors to conscious access if you will allow yourself to know that it is possible.Within this realm exists your anointing as God in form.  It is the first experience that you had within creation and manifests itself within your soul record consistently and constantly.  This is the Christos - the Spirit of God, All That Is, Source personified.  It is the essence of your presence within your human body and expresses through your involuntary and voluntary actions.

Since you have only some control over your involuntary responses and all dominion over your voluntary thoughts and actions, you project and radiate out your awareness of yourself as the Christos voluntarily, if you do so.  What would keep you from the full radiance of this inherent state of being?

While there may be many supposed answers to this question, the most pertinent response is judgment.  When you believe you know something that is separating you from another person, place or thing and you act upon that belief, you step aside from the Divine Christos that is your natural state and voluntarily take on the physical state of homo sapien or the "knowing man" - society's animal.  Your judgments, opinions and beliefs will make you self-righteous or a victim or a saint or persecuted or anything else to create the sense you are right and the other is wrong.

The most perfect example you have of a human being remembering his inherent state as the Christos is Yeshua.  Christians call him the Christ.  This is a misnomer because it implies that Yeshua was the only expression of the Christos and this IS what Christians believe forgetting that their belief is the opposite of Yeshua's teachings.   As God in form, Yeshua stepped aside from the world of judgment.  He noticed what was there and then expressed another living representation of what was before him.  This is how he healed, taught and worked what Christians believe are miracles though these workings are simply the expression of universal principles when you are living as the Christos.

There is a great deal of emphasis placed upon enlightenment and ascension in what has come to be called the New Age.  Actually, rather than "new", it is a very old remembering if you want to refer to time and its constructs.  Humanity is beginning to remember again how it knew itself hundreds of thousands of years ago.  In this expression, the Christos rises to the fore and begins to take center stage, once again.

If you are desiring to know the Christos as your true Divine heritage, you must set aside your judgments and opinions about all people, experiences and situations in your life.  Every single moment of your life is being created by you.  It can be viewed as your own private hell through the ideas of separation you have decided to embrace or it can be a radiation of the Divine Christos that lives within your soul and only awaits your focus to come forth.

This Christ Spirit, God in form, which Yeshua referred to as the Father within allows you to transcend the confusion of your mind.  It lives within your heart in its deepest yearning to express in your form. 

There is no thing that is keeping you from knowing yourself as the Christ except the separating judgments you use to construct what you call your life.  Releasing your personal beliefs about what should or should not be opens the door to Divinity.  All you have to do is walk through it.


Toni Elizabeth Sar'h

In a Nutshell:
Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich is a Master Teacher, metaphysician and quantum physics researcher who instructs spiritual seekers how to see, hear, understand and express from their core through their heart, the voice of the soul . . . and into infinity.
Toni is clairvoyant, clairaudient and kinesthetically aware of the invisible world assisting others to access these dimensions, also.  Through the heart, the voice of the soul, she teaches people the value of absolute forgiveness through the ritual of absolution.
"Only through Absolution will you reach the Absolute."


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