2011 - PROPHETIC PUBLICATION by: Order of Melchizedek

2011 PROPHETIC PUBLICATION January 1, 2011
Welcome to the accelerated birth of a new consciousness that’s permeating the planet in this New Year. Here is a specific Word from the LORD to you in this verse in Job. If you can allow this verse to become a part of your spiritual arsenal this year and realize it, you can not fail.
“I KNOW THAT YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING AND THAT YOUR PLANS ARE UNSTOPPABLE.” JOB 42:2 (God’s Word Translation) Repeat this many times and memorize it.
Pause and do this exercise with me. Whatever that is manifesting in the realm of illusions trying to challenge the God plan in you, I want you to speak to it. Not whisper, or think it- You Need to Declare it with Authority, Emotions and Faith loudly. (If you are around people that don’t understand prophetic declarations- go for a drive, wait until they leave the house, or get somewhere alone and DO IT!)
Take your Bills, Your Foreclosure Notice, Auction Date, Your Sorry Bank Statement, Pink Slip, Negative Doctor’s Report, Legal Papers, Divorce Papers, Out of control Children & Family member photos, etc whatever. Look at it and shout repeatedly until you know it, “I KNOW THAT YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING AND THAT YOUR PLANS ARE UNSTOPPABLE – YOUR PLANS ARE UNSTOPPABLE – UNSTOPPABLE!” Now you declare and prophesy what the plans are over your specific situations-they shall be Unstoppable. Do this often throughout this month.
[If you did this simple exercise in Faith I Know something happened, many of you will see breakthroughs and complete changes in 21 days. Hallelujah!]
We are thankful to be able to come into your homes and lives again via this publication. Yes, 2010 is over and gone, many of us have very vague memories of what all went on since it went by some fast. If you thought 2010 went by fast, you aint seen nothing yet, before you realize it 2012 will have come and almost gone.
Here we are again at the end of a year and the beginning of a new year. However, this is truly a time like we have never seen before. If we can get beyond all the sandcastles of expectations that got washed away by the ebb and flow of life in the past year, or the sandcastles that materialized; we will realize that it was all necessary to bring us here to this moment.
[Much of the prophetic info in this publication was shared with me while on a Vision Journey/Experience in September 2010 when I was taken. We shared some of that experience in our 10:10:10 Initiation Publication – www.atam.org/101010Access.htm].
This is the year of the portal 1 1 , enter in. This is also the year of the Open Hand of God - Come and Receive.
The heavens will be extremely busy this year prophesying and assisting us with our ascension into the 5th dimension. There will be 4 Partial Solar Eclipses, 2 Total Lunar Eclipses, 7 Meteor Showers and many planets conjucting this year. That's a lot of energy being released. Can you believe it? (In this writing we will not do our usual prophetic reading for each event, it would be too in depth-listen to the Spirit within).
If you have been exposed to our writings before you realize that each event in the heavens, especially, in the time cycle we are in represents a shift in consciousness, portals being opened, cosmic energy being released to assist us, prophecies of what shall be and many other things. This is why Master Jesus (Yahshua) the Christ and other prophets told us to “Watch,” take notice of the celestial events of our day. We will give a list of these celestial dates near the end of this publication. Due to the accelerated activity of the heavens and consciousness we want to give everyone a chance to consciously participate in this work of bringing Light and literally changing the planet by aligning yourself with these dates listed near the end.

Key words for this year: Creativity, Prosperity, Sensitivity, Diplomatic, Strong Relationships.
In Chinese astrology there are (5) elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal), an element is assigned to one of 12 animals in 12 year cycles.
(For example, we are just moving out of the year of the WHITE TIGER with element Metal and yin (feminine) energy. It has been an exciting year of big events and “sudden moments”. 12 years from now the year of the White Tiger will return with element as Metal). "There is nothing new under the Sun".
Water, Wood, Earth nor Air can transform Metal; only Fire can. The transforming fires of His Presence-the Holy Spirit shall burn brightly again in 2011. Don’t be consumed, be Transformed. Job said, "When I am tried in the fire I shall come forth as pure Gold". Be Gold; accept your divinity this year.
This is the year of (yang) Masculine energy; lots of things that were left undone in 2010 will get pushed through in 2011. Venture to THINK outside the box and try to discover just how far the Rabbit Hole goes. However on the negative side there will be a lot of Ego seeking to manifest in many ways; violence, dominance, control, greed, warfare and arrogance. Choose to manifest the opposite.
EYE See this year will be an unusually high numbers of unexpected multiple births (twins, triples, etc) as many Crystal Children are sent to signify the birthing of a new 5th dimensional consciousness (Biblical terminology would be birthing the man child).
EYE See many families that have been trying to get pregnant will receive a miracle and be able to conceive.
EYE See lots of families being reunited, loved ones that hadn’t been seen in years and some even thought dead will return. There will be lots of closure regarding family and relationship issues.
We prophesied last year that there would be a spike in the Precious Metal Markets and Gold spiked to over $1400.00 an ounce. (www.atam.org/2010Prophecy.html) EYE See this year there will be another spike and over the next few years Gold will be over $3000.00 an ounce and SILVER near $500.00 an ounce. Copper, Platinum, and all the Metals must rise - the heavens have prophesied it. INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE.
Due to intense Light Work, Prophetic Declarations & Prayers, the Economic destruction scheduled, thought and expected to happen this year – Will Not be So. EYE See extreme instability in the economy and it shall become very volatile-but the Grace of God will abound.
EYE See Prosperity and Wealth acquired in non-conventional fashions – This is the year of creativity.
Mercury is yet prophesying that Commodities will continue to rise. EYE See increase in Wheat, Corn, Coffee etc and the prices more than doubling in a short time. (In early June 2010 we also prophesied this, Wheat, Corn etc nearly doubled in 6 months. www.atam.org/Grandcross.html) He that has ears to hear let him hear.
This will mean you will be paying more for your food in 2011 as prices double and triple for grains and vegetables. Also the price for petro will continue to rise. This will be a time where those that have will and must share with those who don't.
TECHNOLOGY – 2011 & Beyond
EYE See an unusual form of technology emerging that looks like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Synthetic life forms that shall become a scare or threat. EYE See this life form somehow interacting with human biology and causing some type of strange mutation; however, it may not be immediately discover what caused the problem. (Remember Joshua’s battle at Ai –Artificial Intelligence - Are you awake yet)?
EYE See breakthroughs in human genome & DNA research, sealed documents of what has been known will be revealed.
EYE See increase Major Earthquakes and Volcanic Activity globally as Earth awakens to a new consciousness.
There will continue to be EXTREME COLD & EXTREME HEAT as we have spoken in the past for various reasons and as we announce in June 2010 - www.atam.org/Grandcross.html Prepare to see and read about 10 feet of Snow Fall that shall happen within relatively a 24 hour period in the not too distant future in North America & Europe.
EYE See Religious & World Leaders will begin to slowly disclose and toy with the facts that there are other none human beings existing and that we will have to re-think our theology on many things and understanding of science and history. It is necessary that someone in a high office disclose this so that a global paradigm shift can take place immediately.

"You are not here by chance or coincidence, it is your Divine destiny to be here Now. You actually agreed to be here to experience the ending of this specific cycle of time and the beginning of a new age. The time for Ascension is here and now as you are rapidly moving toward the 5th dimensional reality. It is your energy, intent and consciousness that are helping to facilitate the dawning of a new day for all humanity and the galaxy.
Don’t be shaken in mind or disturbed by the darkness and appearance of disaster (man-made or natural) all around. The Light that you are and that Is will conquer all and transmute the appearance of catastrophic disaster into Global Deliverance. You are deep in the birth canal and crowning, a new consciousness is beginning to permeate the land. This birthing is also called Ascension. This is a new day breaking from deep within. Therefore, break away from fear, hatred, greed, all negativity and illusions of the 3-dimensional world. Embrace and become the power of Love and Light for your complete transformation is at hand.
Time as you know it is changing and the vibratory frequency of the planet. You are now moving into a deeper phase of acceleration and shifts that are all designed for your transformation. The planet is being re-formatted, you are being re-formatted. The coming celestial and astronomical events of this year will release new patterns and energy particles into the earth, at the same time earth will be releasing new patterns of energy. So you see, you are caught between the two and you are being forced to ascend to the proper frequency to experience the 5th dimensional reality or else. Or else what, you might say? The body human will not be able to endure.
(Eye immediately was shown waves of humans suddenly disappearing from the planet in what we know of as death. This was not meant as a judgment from an angry God. The energetic pressures were so intense and those that had not prepared by getting rid of excess baggage, negativity, hatred, greed, pride, etc. could not stand. Then there were many others that were volunteering to cross over to assist with our Ascension from the other side). “Who shall be able to stand?” Malachi 3:2
Now is the time for preparation so that the body human can support the infusion of Divine life that’s ready to burst forth.
Your eyes are about to see the things that most human eyes have not seen. Your ears are about to hear the things that most human ears have not heard. In the 4th dimensional reality you saw dreams/visions, shadows out of the corner of your eyes, beings, little particles and orbs of light from time to time. You heard the inner Voice speaking and whispering and there were times when some of you heard a Voice call your name seemingly from the outside. But now as you ascend into the 5th dimension what you see will not be just a vision but reality. What you hear will not be just within but without also.
There’s a world of beings living all around you and flying in your atmosphere and even inside the Earth. Some will call these angels or demons; others will call them “aliens” or “extraterrestrials”. Nevertheless, they are here and have been here a very long time. It is only in this season as you and the planet shifts into the 5th dimension that you will be able to see what your eyes have not seen but has been existing all about you. It shall become a common thing in broad daylight to see spacecrafts moving across the skies over the next 3 years. It shall also become normal to acknowledge various races of non-human beings on, in and off the planet. Many of you have prayed for your eyes to be opened, but are you really ready to see? Many of you have prayed for your ears to be opened, but are you really ready to hear? The mysterious secrets that's been waiting for you to develop and mature spiritually and mentally will soon be no more secret. The time has come where humanity can no longer sit on the proverbial fence, you must choose to go all the way or be swallowed up in the passing illusion of the 3-dimensional world.
There is“Bliss” that shall be released in the atmosphere this year, many will not understand it. In the midst of economic, emotional and social upheaval and other challenges, you shall feel it. So Feel It. It will manifest as extreme crying and laughing – appearance of a breakdown, it is the breaking down of the old paradigms and the releasing of the new. Allow it and Embrace the PEACE that it shall leave."
As was stated earlier, due to the busyness (business)of the heavens we will only list some of the date and not interpret them. There is so much energy being released this year, embrace it. These are only the Eclipses and Meteor Showers – there are many more planetary dates. Use these dates to set your intent, play for humanity, the planet, etc. Expect showers of Prosperity, Health, Holy Spirit during the Meteor Showers. (The sons of Issachar knew the times and seasons). Key words and intents associated with each event.
January 4 - Quadrantids Meteor Shower – Partial Solar Eclipse
April 21-22 – Lyrids Meteor Shower – (celebration, worship, music)
May 5-6 – Eta Aquarids Meteor Show – (unique experiences, finances)
June 1- Partial Solar Eclipse
June 15 - Total Lunar Eclipse
July 1 – Partial Solar Eclipse July 28, 29 – Southern Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower - (spiritual outpouring, blessings, possessions)
August 12, 13 – Perseids Meteor Shower – (breakthrough anointing – yokes broken)
October 21, 22 – Orinids Meteor Shower - (enlightenment, victory, balance)
November 17, 18 – Leonids Meteor Shower – (conquering, kingdom work, leadership, romance)
November 25- Partial Solar Eclipse
December 10, - Total Lunar Eclipse
December 13, 14 – Geminids Meteor Shower – (unity, consummation, prosperity)
One very important date is October 28, 2011. We will share more about this date in future writings and how what many are expecting 12/21/12 in the heavens will most likely happen 10/28/11. However, we do not deny the many astrological and astronomical events of 2012 and what human consciousness may or may not have created.
Make this year your best yet.
Order of Melchizedek


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