I will be at The International UFO Congress, Feb, 23rd - 27th

Daniel Sheehan

Daniel Sheehan is a social activist who has spent virtually his entire life working on progressive social programs and initiatives. As the Legal Counsel on such nationally-recognized investigative cases involving government covert operations as The Karen Silkwood Case, The Iran/Contra Case, The Pentagon Papers Case, The Watergate Burglary Case, and The American Sanctuary Movement Case, Dan brings to the issue of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the UFO Phenomenon a unique background in investigating and exposing the world of American governmental covert operations, “black budget” operations, mind control programs, government disinformation projects, covert warfare and clandestine operations. He established the Christic Institute in Washington, DC, which for nearly two decades was the country’s preeminent public-interest law firm.

Presenting: Friday February 25, 2011: 2:30 – 3:45 PM

Talk: Open Minds Ministry: Providing Answers to Questions Posed by Extraterrestrial Contact
Attorney Daniel Sheehan, a Harvard Law graduate, will expand his observations in response to the Vatican’s shocking announcement that there is another highly-advanced non-human species elsewhere in our galaxy and that this likely extraterrestrial species is going to be discovered by humans in just a few short years. Sheehan will explain why he believes it is incumbent to prepare people for the various implications which will arise with the possible arrival of these beings.

  • The International UFO Congress

    The IUFOC was established in 1991 and hosts an annual conference on UFOs and related phenomena. The Conference was held in Laughlin, NV until 2011 when it moved to the Phoenix, Arizona area.

    The conference boasts more than 20 speakers and a plethora of exhibitors from around the globe, and covers a large variety of topics related to the UFO phenomenon including technology, government cover-ups, exopolitics, black projects, crop circles, alien visitation and more. Panels of astrophysicists, nuclear physicists, abductees, and former top-secret-clearance military personnel make up just a portion of highly decorated and influential speakers.

    The 20th Annual International UFO Congress, hosted by Open Minds Production, will be held at the Fort McDowell Resort & Casino in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mark your calendars for February 23 -27, 2011, its an event you don’t want to miss!

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