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Below follow a few voices on the Ninth wave that I think are very well worth pondering and adds to the monumental significance of the current year of 2011.

For those wanting to learn how to follow the ninth wave please see
http://4-ahau.com/en/Nine_Days_Count.html from Pierre Lejoyeux.

Phillipe de Vos, author of "l'Enneagramme dans la pratique soufie" adds a comment that I believe also puts the current development in North Africa in context by clarifying the meaning of the Gregorian year 2011 from a Muslim perspective:

"I find your explanation of the two different dates and time frames of 260 and 234 days very interesting. When we add the 234 days after the March 9, 2011 date we arrive at October 29. This year the latter date is the beginning of the Muslim pilgrimage the hajj, based on the lunar Muslim calendar and it is well known by Sufi masters that Imam Mahdi (= Kalki in Islamic culture) will arrive during the pilgrimage
when the Arafat day (the 9th day of the pilgrimage) is a Friday.This is called the biggest pilgrimage - hajj al akbar - and it happens this year 2011, as Arafat day is then a Friday. This convergence is very interesting and in fact in the Islamic world this has already been announced without knowledge of the Mayan calendar. The particular role of Imam Mahdi is to bring Islam to its original state: The sanatana dharma or "din al qayyim", which is a Quranic word meaning "eternal law". The Sufi masters say, no more religions, no more Sufism and no more divisions. All will be "rabbaniyin" (Lord) as says sheik Nazim Cyprus mufti and leader of naqchabandi Sufi way."

Sharon Jorgenson points out the uniqueness of the Ninth wave (see also http://www.facebook.com/notes.php?id=100001419924122):

For 16.4 billion years this material world has pulsed according to the rhythm of the tzolkin round, whether the shorter 260 day cycle or its overtones such as the 260 tun Planetary Underworld.  In fact 8 of the 9 Underworlds neatly divides into 260 equal time periods, except for the last.  The Universal Underworld is 234 days long, thus requiring each tzolkin combination (sun sign) to emboss less than one solar 24-hour day.  This makes the Universal vibration unnatural, immaterial and out-of-phase with the rest of creation.  Of what value is that?  One might speculate that the purpose of the Universal Underworld is to loosen one's consciousness from this physical reality...allowing for transcendence.  BUT first we will have to get "down & dirty" with the material world.  The abstractions generated by the left brain during the National Underworld are being stripped away, along with its ordered, comfortable categories in a foreseeable future:  our new vision consists of patterns in the Now.  We are not in control -- a study of the Mayan Calendar has always brought this conclusion, now viscerally we shall experience it.  "Letting go" may be the big theme of the Universal Underworld.

It may also be of interest to see that among certain Christian groups in the US, notably Harold Camping we are in for a judgment day within the ninth wave: 
 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/01/04/may-21-2011-judgment-day_n_804166.html. While to many the idea of a judgment day means the end of the world it may also mean a time when people are going in different directions depending on what choices they make.

The year 2011 and the ninth wave is also marked by some powerful numerology as for instance from Mark White: Okay... here is one to ponder over! This year we will experience 4 unusual dates.... 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, 11/11/34 ......... NOW go figure this out.... take the last 2 digits of the year you were born plus the age you will be this year and it WILL EQUAL .... 111.... crazy year its gonna be! CRAZY.

or Sharon Jorgenson: To me what is more intriguing now is whether we already know something essential (outside of the Mayans) about a 9-day count through a study of numerology. Could the Universal energy wax and wane like this [1 - 9 then 9 - 1] being in a wave form instead of a typical endless repetition of nine counts.  Did you know that 1111111111 x 111111111 = 123456789987654321?  That is ten 1's times nine 1's.  Put them in a calculator to see for yourself, a perfect 18 digit number.  Basically we're looking at a conversion of base ten to nine with the new agers favorite tool: 11 11.  What does that mean for the scientific, rational, digital, AND natural minds which are lodged in a 10 count?  

or Carl Johan Calleman: I feel numerology, also of Gregorian and Muslim dates, will gain a higher importance than ever before in the Ninth wave. What you are saying Sharon then is that the 123456789987654321 climb is an expression of the 11:11. It seems this is a year of both 1's and 9's, alpha and omega of the evolutionary creation process. To me it however seems a little bit asymmetric to have 9 1's multiplied with 10 1's. If instead 9 1's is multiplied with 9 1's 111111111 x 111111111 it becomes 12345678987654321. This would be true if we look upon the 9th energy as the same energy lasting for two days. If that is true it is by itself a very strange thing to experience. We have lived with a tzolkin where every day carries a new energy mostly creating some kind of polarity between them. What would it be like to go through two days in a rowthat would have the same energy? Is this some kind of preparation for a stable stage of life on a higher level after October 28, 2011?

Carl Johan Calleman

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