Ted Williams- Homeless man with a golden voice

According to the New York Post, Ted Williams (the homeless guy with a golden radio voice, not the cryogenic experiment), just got offered a full-time voice-over job and a fucking house from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Who needs Lebron James or a winning record when you have an angel voice talking in your ear all day? Williams is rumored to be on the “Today Show” tomorrow morning and has already been offered other jobs, including a $10,000 gig from the Ohio Credit Union to do a voice-over. Rags to riches in less than 24 hours. Good for him. Take the JUMP to see video of him, all cleaned up, on “The Early Show” this morning.

A homeless man with a polished broadcasting voice was showcasing his unexpected talent on a radio station in Columbus, Ohio, this morning -- with a possible job offer as a result.

Ted Williams, 71 -- a Brooklyn native who begs with a sign saying he has a God-given gift of a great voice -- became an internet hit after a reporter from the Columbus Dispatch filmed him demonstrating his skill.


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