Arab Revolution & the Mayan Calendar


The Beautiful Truth Show - 10th Feb, 2011

Interview: Dr.Carl Calleman

The Arab Revolution and the Mayan Calendar

The unexpected revolutions in Tunisia and now Egype were not entirely
unforseen. The world's leading Mayan scholar, Dr. Carl Calleman has
been predicting exactly this development - at exactly this time! He joins
Fintan Dunne to explore the implications for the Arab world and the
Western powers.

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Carl's latest article on the Arab Revolution:

Will the turmoil in the Arab world come to an end?

By Dr Carl Calleman - 08 Feb 2011

For those who have studied my books, and especially The Mayan
Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness
(Bear and Co, 2004),
current events in the Arab world should hardly come as a surprise.

(If you have not read this book yet, I urge you to do so soon
if you want to understand the decisive time we are now entering.
No book about the Mayan calendar has proven to be so accurate
in its predictions and understanding).

One of the theories developed there is that the modern nation state,
and also the whole concept of dominance originates in the dualist
consciousness of the National Underworld (6th wave) as this is essentially
described by the so-called Mayan Long Count.

The modern nation state as a social structure, and projection of the
human mind, took its beginning in northwestern Europe at the beginning
in 1617 of the Seventh day of the National Underworld.

The countries in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and to some extent
England were close to the line dividing the Western and Eastern
hemispheres (the 12th longitude East) and so it was there that for the
first time in history national institutions of rule were established which
were independent of the particular monarchic dynasty that were ruling
these countries.

The concept of a nation state has since, throughout this Seventh day
of the National Underworld, spread all over the world, mostly through
European imperialism, to a point that modern people today tend to take
this organizational structure as a given.

Global politics, despite its many current international organizations,
is still essentially based on relationships between different nation states.

In reality, however, the nation state with a ruling government at its
center is nothing but a projection of a particular human frame of
consciousness timed by the Mayan calendar and related to a particular
polarity field of our planet.

One of the last regions of the world to embrace the concept of a nation
state was the Maghreb (Arab North Africa), where borders were drawn
up by European powers only as the sultanate of the Ottoman Empire
collapsed in the early 1920’s.

One of the predictions that was made in my above-mentioned book is
that as the polarity of the Seventh day of the current Galactic Underworld
(8th wave) was established on November 3, 2010 the system of
dominance created by the National Underworld would come to be
balanced by a complementary polarity.

The result would be that not only left brain (and male) dominance would
start to crumble, but so would also Western dominance and all the
institutional framework that has been associated with this.......

.......READ ON

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