Ascension Keys

AnnakaRae | January 29, 2010 | 

What is Ascension?

This is a word used by many metaphysicists & religions to describe the process of enlightenment. Though it has been associated with the Christian idea of 'the rapture', it is not something that just happens at a given time, but rather a process of spiritual evolution. Enlightenment can happen in a moment, but is actually the purpose for reincarnation and the result of mastery over the ego.

Dr. Joshua Stone's book "The Complete Ascension Manual" is a great compilation of various teachings on this subject. Mostly quoting the channeled works of Alice Bailey and drawing upon my own Eastern tradition philosophies,(Hinduism & Buddhism) I have presented to you a summary of ascension understandings.


Remember 08-08-08 , I do. thank you so much for your Love and help.


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