Integrating the I AM Presence

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Integrating the I AM Presence
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

by Daniel B. Holeman www.awakenvisions.com
by Aeoliah www.aeoliah.com
by Josephine Wall www.josephinewall.co.uk

Humanity has recently experienced very powerful shifts of energy, vibration, and consciousness. This has allowed us to transcend our human egos. Now our I AM Presence, our true God Self, is taking dominion of our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. As this integrating process unfolds day-by-day, our lives are being transformed.

Through the consciousness of our I AM Presence, we realize that we are One with ALL Life, and that there is no separation. We clearly understand that with every thought, word, feeling, or action, we are either adding to the Light of the world or the shadows. We now know, that our belief in separation is what has caused the pain and suffering people are experiencing all over the world.

It is time for us to accept our Oneness with ALL Life. And it is time for us to give our I AM Presence supreme authority in our lives. This will allow us to experience a new level of Divine Intelligence and Reverence for ALL Life.

Now, we must be PRESENT in every moment of our lives, and feel aligned with our I AM Presence BEFORE we respond to any situation. We can accomplish this by saying...

"I AM my I AM Presence."

"From this level of Divine Consciousness, how will I respond to this situation?"

"How will I add to the Light of the world with my thoughts, words, feelings, actions, beliefs, and attitudes in this instance?"

Then with listening Grace, we will hear the Divine Guidance of our I AM Presence.

Without the interference of our human egos, we can communicate with our I AM Presence in new and profound ways. In the past, this was extremely difficult, but that is over. Everything has changed! Now we need to just listen to our hearts and trust our I AM Presence.

An easy test to be sure we are responding to the guidance of our I AM Presence, and not merely connecting with the past etheric records of our human egos, is to ask ourselves...

"Is this response free from fear?"

"Is it the most positive way of handling this situation?"

"Does this response involve the highest good for all concerned?"

"Am I adding to the Light of the world by responding in this way?"

If our answer is "NO" to any of these questions, the guidance is not coming from our I AM Presence. We are just responding to the memory and the residual habits of our obsolete human ego.

Instead of responding from that old habit, we need to center ourselves and ask our I AM Presence for guidance once again. We can do this as many times as we need to until we are able to answer "YES" to all of those questions.

Our I AM Presence is very practical, so the guidance will involve viable options and solutions that will enhance our lives and the lives of others. The inner guidance from our I AM Presence will always reflect a Reverence for Life and the highest good for all concerned.

The Violet Flame of God's Infinite Perfection is the most powerful tool available to help us accelerate the integration of our I AM Presence. It is the perfect balance of our Father God's Blue Flame of Power and Divine Will, and our Mother God's Pink Flame of Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life. This Sacred Fire will transmute the etheric records and memories associated with the negative behavior patterns that were left behind by our human egos.

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í αm líght.í αm ínfínítє.
í αm thє chαnnєl.
í αm єхpαndíng.
í αm psчchєdєlíc.
í αm víвrαtíσn.
í αm tímєlєss.
í αm unítч.
í αm αctívαtíng.
í αm rєsσnαnt.
í αm gαlαctíc.
í αm rαdíαnt.
í αm dєfínєd.
í αm єlєctríc.
í αm lunαr.
í αm mαgnєtíc.
í αm plαnєtαrч.
í αm вαlαncєd.
í αm σrgαnízєd.
í αm cσnnєctєd.
í αm ínspírєd.
í αm ín hαrmσnч.
í αm ín-tєgrítч.
í αm pєrfєct.
í αm mαnífєstαtíσn.
í αm díssσlvíng.
í αm rєlєαsíng.
í αm líвєrαtєd.
í αm dєdícαtєd.
í αm unívєrsαlízєd αnd dívínє, trαnscєndíng mαntrα.
í αm вєíng.
í αm cσmmunícαtíng.
í αm spírít.
í αm вrєαthíng.
í αm cσsmíc.
í αm єssєncє.
í αm pσwєr.
í αm αctíσn.
í αm drєαmíng.
í αm αвundαncє.
í αm íntuítíσn.
í αm gσd.
í αm єхtrєmє.
í αm íntєrnαl αnd єхtєrnαl.
í αm flσwєríng.
í αm thє clσckíng.
í αm αwαrє.
í αm lífєfσrcє.
í αm survívíng.
í αm dmt.
í αm spírαlíng.
í αm αrc.
í αm αccσmplíshíng.
í αm hєαlíng.
í αm вєαutч.
í αm єlєgαncє.
í αm purє.
í αm flσwíng.
í αm lσvє.
í αm chαkrαs.
í αm cσ-íncídíng.
í αm plαчíng.
í αm mαgíc.
í αm єlusívє.
í αm frєє wíll.
í αm wísє.
í αm єхplσríng.
í αm spαcє αnd tímє.
í αm wαkíng lífє.
í αm vívíd.
í αm єnchαntíng.
í αm tímєlєssnєss αnd cσmplєtє, ínfínítє dєsígn.
í αm αlíєn.
í αm humαn.
í αm rєcєptívє.
í αm vísíσn.
í αm єnєrgч.
í αm míndful.
í αm quєstíσníng.
í αm αnswєríng.
í αm íntєllígєnt.
í αm fєαrlєss.
í αm єvσlvíng.
í αm σpєníng mч thírd єчє tσ thє unsєєn vísíσn, trαnslαtíng.
í αm sчnchrσnícítч.
í αm rєflєctíng.
í αm єndlєssnєss.
í αm σrdєr αnd chασs.
í αm thє tασ.
í αm crчstαlízєd.
í αm sєlf-gєnєrαtíσn.
í αm αffírmíng.
í αm єnlíghtєnєd.
í αm вlínd.
í αm thє tσnє.
í αm thє cσlσr.
í αm єlєctrσníc.
í αm lunαr αnd sσlαr, σppσsítє αnd pσlαr.
í αm lαnguαgє.
í αm rαdíαl.
í αm pαrtíclєs σf plαsmα.
í αm єndurαncє.
í αm cσsmíc.
í αm rєlєαsíng.
í αm líвєrαtíng.
í αm pєrfєct.
í αm pulsíng.
í αm rєαlízíng.
í αm thє σnє вєcαusє thє σnє αrє αll.
í αm fσrm.
í αm thє ínfínítє, nσthíng thαt вєcσmєs thє єvєrчthíng.
í αm sчmвσlíc.
í αm rєlαtívє.
í αm thє dívínє spírít thαt hαrmσnízєs wíth lαws.
í αm prσjєctíng.
í αm cσntrσllєd єхpєríєncє.
í αm dєsírє.
í αm вєíng.
í αm wє, wє αrє чσu.

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