"Killing Somebody Who Is Unarmed Isn't Malicious? YES IT IS!" Seattle Police Brutality Protest

These Police Done Lost They F@*King Mind!! Seattle Police Execute Innocent Man On The Street! (Dash Cam Footage)

Story: The police shooting of John Williams a Native American Mater Woodcarver last August in Seattle…..Note he was the 4th man to die by police when this happened within a week .
A lot of new information has come to light since the shooting including the facts that the knife Williams was carrying had a blade was of legal length, and the knife was found with the blade in a closed position, each contradicting previous police claims to the contrary. Now the police car dash cam video is available, and it shows only a few seconds elapsing between officer Ian Birk’s first request to Williams to stop, and a volley of five shots in rapid succession that killed Williams on the spot. Williams was also deaf in one ear.
Supreme Reaction thoughts ….breath…. Ok… Are YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND ! ! in broad day someone posing no threat a old man ???!!! at about 4 min deep you can even hear a officer say ” hey you did the right thing” ..??? First off I dont want to hear a thing about pooor  officer , if you ever have seen an encounter when it involves a white cop white civilian , vs a minority it is generally and not for all police night and day the level of haste they will use to engage or strike …. this is from exp.

Following the shots you can hear a witness shouting at officer Birk that Williams wasn’t doing anything wrong.
The Seattle Police Department didn’t want to have the dashcam video released.
I posted this video to show the BS notice they say he came at them with a knife and there were 2 officers ….funny the video only shows 1 ?????LIARS !
Secondly how about sir freeze drop the knife now if he stops and stares at you it might mean something is wrong with him , also he is walking and it looks like he is carving ? Third a man walking with a knife did you see how old he look WTF !? if that was my Grandpa , my father or yours , I would be suited all black right now and not for no funeral …… THIS HAS GOT TO STOP PERIOD .
SPD YOU NEED TO CORRECT THIS , there are to many incidents that people have let slide in the communitys .  if this is the level of intelligence of officers then step the test up , and if this guy is not taking off the streets ( no need to fire , but make him a meter cop no gun bc I assure you him walking away unscathed will not lead to this being the last ….. actually no you know what he should be let go F That !

You keep doing people like that then don’t be suprised when you produce another Maurice Clemmons (note no one just wants to wake up and kill a cop its from a system thats beats on people until one day they have no option but to FIGHT BACK .
Let us Pray . …….Supreme Reaction. SMH deepest condolences to the family of John Williams and I hope you get some justice although nothing can bring him back .


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