The Movie "Avatar" in Real Life - WE ARE ALL ONE!

MadRazorRay | September 04, 2007 | likes, 118 dislikes
From an oversea's show, spliced to view the message from one elder (Floyd Red Crow Westerman)...how america has come and is destined to go.

.. added the Elders Speak to the title, only because more clips will follow....

Floyd Red Crow Westerman was known for years as a renaissance man, for his many

talents, dedication and passion. A member of the Dakota (Sioux) nation, he was an accomplished actor on the big and small screen for over 20 years, a political advocate for Indian and environmental causes worldwide and a popular singer/songwriter, performing with such stars as Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Don Henley and Kris Kristofferson to name just a few.

Red Crow's last endeavor again merged his own life experiences with his distinctive brand of artistry. With his most recent series of bronze sculptures, he beautifully recreated the most sacred spiritual Lakota/Dakota "Sacred Pipe," as well as busts of the greatest, most influential leaders in American Indian history. Legendary heroes Sitting Bull, Geronimo and Chief Joseph, who led their nations against persecution and the devastating invasion of their land in the mid-19th century, compose an ideal triumvirate on which part of this collectible art is based.

The pieces were personally sculpted by Red Crow in an impressionistic medium before being bronzed to create a fine patina glow. Upon completion, they were autographed by Red Crow, and given an official authentication number. The busts of the famous Indian leaders, which stand approximately 1-1/2 feet high, were handcrafted to match the pose of a corresponding historical photograph. One noteworthy characteristic of these busts is the leaders' eyes, to which Floyd gave particular attention, because in his words, "The eyes are key to the spirit of each of these men. "Plus, they are of course, the window to their soul."


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