2011 The year of Disclosure - UFO Documentary

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Full length UFO documentary about UFO disclousure. Will Obama reveal the truth about aliens and UFOs?

2011, the year of true disclosure...?

These are rare but normal shafts of light
The new year of 2011 will offer further proof of the changing times we're in, according to some channels.  Aside from Stanley Fulham's assertion that his ETs will make an appearance this coming January over Moscow, and a week later over London, Blossom Goodchild states that her ET contacts will produce "shafts of light" in various parts of the world to underscore their presence and the validity of the transformations that will escalate exponentially in the coming months.

From their message: They will not be flashes of Light that one could mistake for an electrical storm. As you saw in the vision we presented you, these are shafts that contain Light. They shall stream down to your planet creating a display and no sooner has the excitement of one particular sighting settled down ... another one shall take over on another part of your world. They will not be able to be tampered with. We have protective screens that will repel any matter that may try to do so.

According to Blossom, these shafts of light have begun to appear already in Norway.  But are they the real deal or just plain old ho-hum weather anomalies like the above photo?

Maybe 2011 will be the year of true disclosure, whether tptb like it or not.  But the proof has to be conclusive and not just phenomenon that is rare but "normal."  All we can do is hope that they're not empty promises, as many have proven to be in the past.  The clock is ticking, and so far nothing very dramatic has happened to capture the attention of the entire world.  We need a major tipping point that will shift human consciousness away from the humdrum of everyday life and focus instead on a better tomorrow for everyone.  When promises are made and then not met, it erodes whatever flimsy faith we may have had to begin with, leaving in its stead a corrosive pessimism that amplifies the negativity around us.  Let's hope 2011 doesn't end on this despairing note. 



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