The Master Key

"Just hearing this,,, will awaken your DNA codes of Light and Love. Re-member who you are.
There is no thing,, and it does not matter. If it matters to you, and it brakes.
You can not fix it. But if it does not matter , you can fix it All." - Buddy Huggins

In NTI Luke, Holy Spirit says that the spiritual path is the highest path in the world, but it is still in the world. He asks if we will step off of the path with Him. Here is what Mooji has to say about it.
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"The kingdom of God is within you. - Luke 17:21
Seek and you will find. - Matthew 7:7
We are all the child of God. That is who we are. Our awareness is not focused on this fact, because our awareness is focused on the world. The world is quite literally a distraction from God. It is a place where we choose to experience individual will instead of the one Will of God.

We are loved and we are free. The expression of our freedom within the world is not a sin. It is also not our joy. Joy is freedom as it is expressed in Heaven.
At some point, each one of us seeks to return to inner peace and the true joy of Heaven. When we do, the Holy Spirit guides us from within in a way that is most helpful.

The Foundation for the Holy Spirit is here to help you as you awaken to the quiet voice within. It is this Voice that will lead you back to the awareness of God.

We use A Course in Miracles, The Holy Bible, and The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament as resources in working with you. Our guide is always the Holy Spirit.


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