Project Camelot Radio Interviews Sheldon Nidle, Galactic Federation of Light

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Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot's Whistleblower Radio interviews Sheldon Nidle on March 2, 2011.

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Dear Ones,

The time has come when you must each choose to use your time wisely. Your time in the third/ fourth dimension is accelerating so quickly that you must choose in each now moment how to make the most of each opportunity presented to you. How will you take advantage of this most wondrous opportunity of ascension? How will you choose to bring forth your gifts and talents to fulfill your divine mission? You may choose your reality in every now moment, and you may choose which talents and which gifts you will share with your brothers and sisters. You may choose how much of your divine mission you will fulfill each day and how much of your divine mission you will fulfill in this lifetime. You have the choice. We ask you to spread your wings and soar, dear ones. We ask you to step out of your comfort zone, and to ask us to assist you in all your endeavors. Remember, to have our assistance you must be creating that which is for the highest good, in the intentions of purity within your sacred heart.

We ask you to transcend fear, dear ones. Fear is debilitating, it is paralyzing, and does not serve your highest good. We ask you to go within your matrix as we have taught you, and specifically focus on the release of fear. Expand your matrix and ask to see the blemishes, see the dark spots which are fear. Invoke the Violet Flame in the name of your divine I Am Presence, and transmute this fear. Invoke the Violet flame to follow the fear all the way to Source and transmute it. Stay with it, until you have cleared your matrix in the now moment. Then fill yourselves with the God light and just the right amount of the higher aspects of the first seven rays for ease and grace, and call in rays eight through twelve. Do this daily, dear ones, you will find you are transformed and you will move forward in ease and grace, and as you ask for ease and grace you will find it effortless to step out of your comfort zone.

Visualize that which you desire to accomplish, visualize yourselves accomplishing it in love and joy, with great desire and great success. Fear has no place in the hearts of those who fill themselves with unconditional love and joy. It is said that perfect love casteth out fear. It is so, dear ones. Hold the thought form and allow this thought form to assist you as you create in the love and the joy of your sacred heart.


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