Uranus in Gate 25

Innocence and the Unexpected

On 7th February 2011, Uranus went into Gate 25, which spans the end of Pisces and the beginning of Aries.   This is a point on the astrology chart that some call The Aries Point, and it is said to represent where the personal and the political meet. At this time we’ve witnessed grassroots political movements in Egypt and Libya removing dictators.  The people said enough is enough and their fiery passion for change was unstoppable.   The Aries point is the strongest CARDINAL point on the horoscope and when something passes over this point things happen.  Cardinal points are initiating energy.  Aries is Fire, so there is passion and energy being released in unexpected ways, but always in alignment with the soul of the Ji Centre.
Uranus is known for creating unexpected events in our lives.  It breaks open our existing psychic container and manifests new life for us on the physical plane.  It brings sweeping change to our consciousness that manifests new ways of being.  It opens us up to flashes of revolutionary intuitive understanding of cosmic patterning.  It has us longing for something new, exciting, impulsive, anything to break us free of the old rigid ways of the past which have become suddenly untenable.  Uranus has carefully arranged this growth impulse to propel us out of our old ego self and into a new collective consciousness.

Uranus in the Gate of Innocence connects the Ji Centre to the Heart Centre
Gate 25
We meet the unexpected with innocence.
In the Human Design chart Gate 25 is known as the Innocence and the Unexpected.  As the first of the Aries gates it represents a burst of energy that is concerned with the Self and it’s expression and direction.
There are a few very important concepts attached to this Gate/Hexagram:
  • Accepting that gentle and pure love is the most powerful force on the planet,
  • Releasing our beliefs that our pure innocent heart self is insignificant
  • Staying true to our own gentle connection with self
  • Disentangling energetically from the problems and stories of others
  • Walking away from what doesn’t concern us
  • Releasing our expectation of negative events
  • Re-evaluation of plans, dreams and goals and imagining new ways to fulfill them
  • Breaking free of our need for approval
  • Stepping away from the resistance, fear, critisism and rejection of others in order to renew ourselves
  • Discovering something entirely new and unexpected about ourselves
  • Healing of our pure simple and innocent heart/soul energy and the shocks it has received from negative events of the past

Uranus in Gate 25 is a trigger that releases this heart self from it’s hiding place within you.  It does this through connecting you to others.  This is an alchemy of finding the gold where you had previously only seen lead.  As we reflect the golden purity of our pure and simple innocence back to each other, the unconditional love of the Ji Centre heals the shocks and traumas of the past and creates opportunities for unexpected new pathways and connections.

Gate 25 is part of a channel that connects the Heart and Ji Centres.  This is an individual energy, blending our healthy ego self with the collective soul.  This channel seeks new ways, never content with the old worn out pathways to heaven.   The other gate in this channel is Gate 51 – the double thunder hexagram of Shock and Initiation.  Since Gate 25 is made up of heaven and thunder trigrams, we have three thunder trigrams and one heaven trigram in this channel!

This channel is not so much about being the best or the first, but being as truly and uniquely yourself as possible.  Uranus in Gate 25 is the beginning of the expression the sacredness and specialness of our unique creative self as an integral part of the collective.  It represents the death of the concept of competition and the birth of an understanding of co-creation and the natural abundance it releases to all.

In Chinese cosmology, Thunder affects the Pericardium and Triple Warmer meridians.  The Thunder trigram represents movement and initiation of change.

This is a channel that teaches us to release our negative expectations and interpretations.  When we meet life with an open face and an open heart and trust that it brings us only good, we begin to relax and truly see the benefits being bestowed upon us in each moment.

This shift is being supported by Makemake in the Gate of Conflict (6) for intimate relationships and Saturn and Haumea in the Gate of the Gentle (57) for family relationships.  Pluto in the Gate of Joy (58) brings that shift to the level of our DNA.
  • Uranus in Gate 25:   7th February to 13 March 2012
  • Enters Aries on 13th March 2011, in Gate 25 line 2.
  • Retrograde: from 12th July 2011 (17.1) till 12th December 2011.
  • Re-enters Gate 25:   In retrograde from 22nd August 2011 to 12th December 2011
  • Uranus goes stationary and continues in Gate 25 until 13th March 2012.
When retrograde, we can expect Uranus to challenge us to find where we have internalised the disapproval of others.  It encourages us to discover where we have prevented ourselves from experimenting out of fear of failure or censure, where we are stuck in angst and rebellion rather than free to take mature action.  Developing a more profound attunement to what is truly essential.

While Uranus is in Gate 25 we have a flood of activations to both Gates 25 and 51
Gate 25
These are the periods when these planets will be conjunct Uranus in Gate 25:

Mercury: 9th to 12 March 2011
Sun:  20 to 25th March 2011
Mars:  31st March to 7th April 2011
Venus:  20th to 24th April 2011

Gate 51
These are the periods when these planets will create a channel with Uranus
Mercury:  19th March to 24th March 2011
Jupiter:  2nd April to 24th April 2011
Mars:   22nd April to 29th April 2011
NB:  Jupiter and Mars will both be in Gate 51 from 22nd April to 24th April 2011

Mercury and Uranus bring a profound attunement of the conscious logical mind up to the level of Universal or Galactic Mind.  Expect insight, ingenuity and originality.
Mars and Uranus brings restlessness, excitability and extraordinary drive and need to take action even to the point of wanting to overpower others.  There can be eruptions of tension into anger and even sudden and unexpected violence.  Allow time for this energy to settle, as the process can be erratic and potentially overwhelming.  It will be useful during this time to do things that engage the physical body in calming movement – yoga, swimming, walking to support you to connect with your underlying motivations.  Being in nature will support you also.
When Jupiter adds his expansionary energy we will be discovering a new way to experience life, a new sense of personal meaning.  You may find an astonishing new idea at this time changes the way you think of yourself and your life. Expect significant issues around the breakdown of traditional religion at this time. Particularly I would expect to see a significant shift in the role of Pope Benedict XVI within the Catholic Church. He may issue some extraordinary new edicts or be replaced by a younger and more dynamic person.
Mercury:  1st May to 9th May 2011
Venus 4th May to 9th May 2011
NB.  Mercury and Venus will both be in Gate 51 from 4th to 9th May 2011.
Venus and Uranus contacts open us up to feeling valued as an individual, safe enough to open ourselves up to the challenge of being part of a global humanity without losing our sense of self.   We will see a huge impact on relationships as they become more open and free.  Expect to see quite a lot of relationship breakdown, but also a very significant shift in the way we experience ourselves in relationship – more openness to our unique and individual needs for expression and movement.  We are also likely to see a strong desire to experiment with various forms of intimacy.  We will find a huge awakening of the collective global spirit at this time, as we realise what an  incredible resource we have in our relationships with each other at the soul level.
During the time that Uranus is in the Gate of Innocence, Pluto is in the Gate of Joy and Neptune in the Gate of Abundance. We also have powerful connections between Saturn and Pluto around the 23rd March 2011, and the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Mars will all conjunct Eris in the Gate of Expansion (42) in the Sacral Centre between now and 9th May 2011.  On that date Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will be conjunct Eris!

It’s impossible to predict the outcome of this momentous period of time.  This next few months are a time to cruise carefully over the bumps life sends you, and to turn your attention to the most wonderful dreams and visions you can possibly imagine.

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