Flooing 2011 May 11th Greenville, Ms. Main Street

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Greenville Flood Information
Prepared by City of Greenville Mayor's Office
8:00p.m. report 5/5/11
Heather McTeer, Mayor
Contact: City of Greenville Mayor's Office,
Mayor Heather McTeer Hudson (662) 378-1501, hhudson@www.greenville.ms.us
Brad Jones, Public Works Director bjones@www.greenville.ms.us
Lorenzo Anderson, City Engineer landerson@www.greenville.ms.us

The following comes from information provided by the Levee Board, Washington County Emergency Management and/or State of Mississippi

The Facts 1. 1. As of 3:00p.m. this afternoon the Greenville Gauge was 55.42". In the last 24 hours, it has risen 1.2" 1. 2. There is an increase in the number of DEER and WILDLIFE within the City Limits due to the rising water. 1. 3. No change on the MS River forecast: 1. Arkansas City 53.5' crest on May 16th 2. Greenville 64.5' crest on May 17th 3. Vicksburg 57.5' crest on May 19th 4. This forecast will exceed the 1973 high water levels by 6'. 5. This forecast will put us 3.5' above the 100-year flood on the MS River. 6. The 100-year flood on the MS River is 61' at Greenville and 54' at Vicksburg. 1. 4. YBW AREA FORECAST

The Yazoo Backwater Levee is designed to overtop during a major highwater event. Unfortunately, this is the case this year -- the Yazoo Backwater Levee will overtop starting May 15th. The Corps will armor the landside slope of the Yazoo Backwater (YBW) Levee to prevent the levee from eroding away during the overtopping event. If the YBW Levee holds up, the Yazoo Backwater will reach 95'. If the YBW Levee does not hold up or the MS River Crest keeps climbing and the duration extends out -- we could reach up to elevation 106' in the MS South Delta Area. Residents were presented this information to be prepared in case we do see high flood elevations. 1. 5. Levee will be CLOSED to everyone starting at Saturday night at Midnight. No exceptions! Only Levee Board, Corps of Engineers, High-water Inspectors, Game Wardens & Law Enforcement Officers will be allowed on top. Anyone else will be arrested.


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