Disclosure Imminent? "Just for my web reader"

A massive eight-lane steel bridge on the I-35 collapsed during evening rush hour on August 1, 2007, killing 13 people and injuring 145.

What made this event so strange was that multiple structural members of the bridge collapsed simultaneously -- all along the bridge, from one side to the other -- causing it to drop at nearly free-fall speed.

If it were a natural event, it would be more logical to assume that one support strut would break first, and then some of the others would get carried down along with it... but both sides? Simultaneously?
This doesn't smell right.


Skeptics would insist this bridge collapse, and other similarly weird things like the Building 7 free-fall collapse during 9/11, are ordinary events -- but those skeptics are speaking from a place of fear.
The interesting thing about fear is it often lurks in the subconscious. The real source of this very strongly-held belief then remains unavailable to the conscious mind.
The skeptics themselves are unaware that the real reason they fight the truth so vigorously is they cannot psychologically handle the weight of it possibly being true.
This is why, as I always say, forgive the skeptics and the haters. No matter what you say or do, they will not change their beliefs until they are ready.
In ordinary circumstances, it may take them a very long time to let go, embrace the "dark night of the soul", and integrate the ugly truth that has always been lurking in the shadows.
They are suffering from a sixty-year program of comprehensive, mass brainwashing, which continues to bombard them and reinforce the system on a day-by-day basis from the mainstream media.
Their minds will not allow the truth to be the truth, because the thought is too unbearable to contemplate.


This willful, fear-induced denial is, in fact, exactly how this mass, international occult financial conspiracy has persisted for so long.
Sadly, many people do not realize there is absolutely nothing to fear. Even once the whole, ugly truth is exposed, there will almost certainly be some degree of mass riots and panic as the spin-meisters continue to do their best to create massive, uncontrollable fear.
The truth is that we are living in a holographic, thought-responsive "matrix," built by what I call the Source Field.
Not one person has been forgotten by the Divine, loving forces assisting our earth, who will present "coincidences" and bizarre events that pull back the veil -- and reveal that things are not as they seem.
The more you realize that these events are genuinely real, instead of laughing them off as nonsense, the more they will happen.
This mass, collective lucid dream responds to our thoughts, intentions and desires -- and is conveniently disguised as "reality".
This "illusion" was created for our own spiritual growth and development -- by forces vastly more powerful than all the minds on Earth combined.
The "illusion" is also extremely ancient -- if you would be so aggressive as to attach a time-coordinate to that which is ageless and timeless.


In material such as the Law of One series, which I have heavily validated with over 1000 academic references in The Source Field Investigations, we are told that very high-level beings oversee the evolution of people on Earth -- and millions of other worlds in this galaxy alone.
A very precise balance is achieved -- where the public never experiences anything greater than what they themselves have attracted... by the focus of their thoughts.
The human mind is the ultimate battlefield. If the Powers that Were can keep you locked up in fear and terror, you will attract more fear and terror... and they win.


In their occult system, they all know the "rules" -- and one of the main principles is that they have to "hide out in the open."
They reveal their plans to humanity, with very little veiling, if any. One very large but extremely simple example would be the bailouts.
If no one cares enough to do anything significant about these plans, then on a very real level, the public has actively chosen to be enslaved.
They make this choice by believing that fear is stronger than love.
They may have had many bizarre synchronicities in their lives, inviting them into the truth that we live in a magical universe designed to promote spiritual evolution, but they wall these experiences off in some separate category -- apart from "the real world."
What the negatives do not realize is that the reason why these "rules" force them to "hide out in the open" is that they are being used. They are only here to fulfill a purpose. Once that purpose has been adequately fulfilled, they will be forced to either change or leave.
Their purpose is to provide a mirror of the collective negativity we all are wrestling with.
Enough people have now seen their own reflection in the worldwide mirror that the Old World Order is now very rapidly being dismantled.
This news is so stunning, and so exciting, that it has been very difficult for me to wait to finish this article describing what I now know.


The negatives do not understand that they are on a very tight choker-chain leash from the higher forces.
Much like only one party can ever win an election, any one diabolical plan the Old World Order creates is nothing more than a job application they just filed with Management.

"Guys, could we please nuke the planet?" Nope. Sorry.
"Could we maybe kill a few billion people and lighten the load a bit?" Afraid not.
"Well, OK, but how about a world dictatorship?" Fugeddaboutit.
"Can we get them to worship us as gods... create a big disaster and then appear as their saviors?" Nah, buddy.
"Hmmm... what if we try a massive, fake alien invasion?" Ain't gonna happen.
"Well, could we at least destroy the American economy and starve everyone out of spite once we get caught?" Nuh-uh-uh!


One of the most exciting things I've been hearing about lately is that a ten-mile-wide spherical UFO is now parked in upper Earth orbit.
Over 200 smaller craft have been seen coming and going from the mothership, thanks to round doors opening and closing.
This was all witnessed by personnel within the International Space Station, among others. (There are plenty of optics onboard that can see craft that would otherwise be "cloaked" from the conventional visible-light spectrum.)
One of my own staff sent me a writeup of a dream that described this exact scenario in stunning detail -- and they had no idea that I'd already heard the same thing from insiders.
It has become very difficult to piece together exactly what is going on, since there has been a significant clamp-down on information in the insider community -- and the "need-to-know basis" has now become much more stringent.
However, we do know that some aspects of the military-industrial complex have made contact with these people... and literally described them as "Asshole Hippies from Outer Space."
(This element was also featured in the prophetic dream, which you will soon read below.)
The Old World Order have been told they are being stopped in order to save the trees, the animals and the people of this planet.
"What the f- do you care about this planet? You don't even live here! F-k off!"


The military mindset adores drama and intrigue. They love to feel they are in an epic struggle against a villain that is Evil Incarnate.
Apparently, what pisses them off the most is that their underground bases are now being wiped out, in ever-increasing numbers, by people who speak softly of love and peace, keep trying to get them to open their hearts, but are also refusing to take no for an answer.
It's literally the equivalent of their greatest, most secure blast doors in the deepest underground bunkers being torn open... and then in walks a bunch of Greenpeace, earth-loving, blissed-out, attractive, young-looking humans who speak to them like they were children.


"Wait a minute. I thought you guys were only here to observe? What about the Prime Directive and all that? You're not supposed to DO ANYTHING!"
"Don't you remember how we would appear and shut down your nuclear missile installations... ever since you began building them?"
"Well, yeah, but then you gave them back to us! You were only running tests. You never took any action. You let us use them here and there. You obviously could have invaded any time you wanted, but you never did. You were weak and foolish."
"I understand how you feel. It may have appeared that we were only here to study you from a distance, but our real purpose was to make sure you would never actually be able to use nuclear weapons to destroy the Earth.
We mean you no harm. We also cannot allow you to destroy this planet. I am sorry, because I know this is very disappointing for you.
We could not take further action until the great cycles of Time allowed us to. The plan is very, very ancient, and has played itself out across innumerable worlds. We have vast repositories of data to consult when we are faced with any new situation.
We are only messengers of the will of the Earth, the Sun and the Galaxy itself. You have had your time. And now the people of the Earth will be free.
Whether you choose to cooperate or not is up to you. The decision has been made. And so shall it be.
If you let us help you, then you do not need to be harmed. We do not wish to see anyone suffer or experience pain. Our love is freely offered to each and every One."


According to our best, most trusted insiders, these same "tree-hugging" ETs have now been clearing out underground facilities around the world. The first two were near Washington, DC and Denver, Colorado.
This occurred on the same day my new book, The Source Field Investigations, was released. This was a great shock to me as the story began coming together over the following weeks.
As I explained in Part One, and as Fulford's sources confirmed, each of these bases were destroyed by an explosive force that caused massive surface earthquakes -- including the largest East Coast earthquake in a century.
These earthquakes had very unusual properties that were identical to what we see after underground nukes have been detonated. However, we also now know that no radiation was involved.


Audio recordings of what occurred inside these bases were captured before their destruction.
As a result, the insiders now know that for 24 hours before each of these bases was destroyed, they heard massive sounds of sliding furniture -- and people yelling and screaming.
Part of what is so strange about this is that even tables that were bolted to the floor were unscrewed and removed. All that was left behind was furniture that was broken.
By putting two and two together, it appears that massive portals were created inside these bases. All the materials and all the personnel were pulled out before the first two facilities were destroyed.
The destruction, as I said, was apparently caused by a spontaneous 20-fold increase in air pressure.


The next reliable piece of information that came in was that the Powers that Were refused to surrender, even after this very impressive show of invincible force.
I have been told that the amount of equipment -- including craft that would have been used to fake an alien invasion -- that was cleared out in the first two events alone was enough to constitute a critical, irreversible defeat for them.
Nonetheless, they still refused to give up. Perhaps they've watched too many sports games and still want to live by the old adage that "it ain't over 'til it's over."
Six additional bases, not restricted to the United States, were then cleared out after the first two.
We do not know when this happened, where it happened, and whether or not they were physically destroyed -- only that all the materials and personnel were removed.


Right near the end of September, the next wave occurred -- and this time it was much more significant. I was given an exact number and asked not to repeat it. In order to preserve the integrity and trust of my sources, I will withhold these specifics.
Suffice it to say that within a short period of time, perhaps all in the same day, a significantly larger number of bases were all cleared out.
The reports, again, are the same: audio recordings reveal the sounds of furniture sliding all over the place and people yelling. In this case, the bases are still there, but all the materials, spacecraft, et cetera have all been removed -- except for the broken furniture.
Knowing the extreme integrity and trustworthiness that has been built up with these sources, I was so overwhelmed by this news that I completely "lost it" and burst into tears when I first heard about this.
Part of me lamented for the staff who went through fear and terror as they were pulled into these portals. I am saddened by the fact that so few of them are even aware that this is happening at all... and only find out once it is happening to them.
I also cried tears of relief in knowing that we are truly being guided and protected -- and that the most significant events in thousands of years of this "war" are now happening.


Bear in mind that the final results of all this "inside" work may not immediately be obvious.
However, these "Asshole Hippies from Outer Space" are making it possible for this international coalition of 80 countries to actually succeed in their efforts.
It seems very unlikely that the bridge detonations will be allowed to occur. The Powers that Were still don't understand that any one plan they have is nothing more than a job application.
Any application that would create too much damage, or give them too much of an unfair advantage, will be rejected.
In order to keep this "illusion" going for so long, the higher forces have been extraordinarily clever at masking their "interventions" so as to make them look like they happened by strictly natural, terrestrial means.
Therefore, I expect we will see some additional drama as the whole financial debacle reaches its apex. At some point, there will most likely be an announcement... and the world will never be the same.
I imagine that there will be a decent bit of time for us to absorb this news before we move on to a full, complete Disclosure... but I will write more about this aspect of the story in later updates.
For now, I want to share with you a transcript, only slightly altered, of the stunning dream that came in from a key staff member.
This person hadn't heard a word about this ten-mile-wide spherical ship that was seen with hundreds of smaller UFOs coming and going from it... nor of the name that some of the old military brass had given to these new people.


Here is what I read -- and this is only one of a variety of extremely powerful dreams that have been coming in, suggesting that we are on the threshold of an extremely positive shift:
We were out in a beautiful natural setting. I saw a little silver thing spinning in the air. At first I thought it was a top, but I then realized it was a weird little UFO.
It flew towards me. About 200 of them came. They were spinning and they were small -- about six to ten inches across. They were spinning and glowing and I realized they were little metal tiny spaceships.
They were pretty – they seemed to have liquid mercury on their skin, and looked like they were somehow alive.
Then there was a big ball that came that was maybe six feet in diameter. It was spinning. It went into the middle of the smaller objects.
It was amazing that none of them ran into each other because there were so many of them. They all started moving together like a school of fish.
The big one started whirling and turned into a white light. Then the image of a person emerged from the light.
This person was now standing on the land -- and he was obviously an ET. He was really tall. Taller than most people by a foot or two. Maybe seven and a half feet tall.
He had a mane of really wild black hair with fluorescent green feathers sewn into it.
He was wearing this highly futuristic-looking outfit with many small spikes coming off of it, almost like a porcupine. It had fluorescent green and blue colors, tribal style.
He was smiling and standing there. Everyone else was shocked, but I was happy about it. He said hi to me. I ran up to him and hugged him and he smiled at me.
Then, everyone else realized he was safe... and they all started hugging him.
Then he was making weird faces with his face – such as the ability to stretch his skin sideways off of his face. It was kind of gross. I didn’t look at him while he was doing it. He was laughing the whole time.
He wanted to tell people about all kinds of different things – whatever they wanted to know, he answered. How things really worked in the Universe.
Then you and I got into a car with a business executive. He ended up being murderous. He was tall and had sandy blondish-brown hair. It was combed over to the side and he had a lot of hair. He had a blondish-brown corduroy jacket. A muted ochre, not a bright ochre. He had a turtleneck and some slacks.
We were driving in this car and he basically tried to kill us. He wasn’t exactly trying to kill us as much as he had a death wish for himself as well, as he was driving crazy.
He drove into the side of the wall on the road and was smashing his car into whatever, including the car in front of him.
Then we got to a restaurant – a very fancy five-star escargot restaurant. We ditched him, and told him he needed to get the hell away from us, as he was crazy -- he had smashed his car against the side of the wall. Then we hid, afraid he might find us.
Then you decided you wanted to eat at the restaurant anyway. I said we should get away from this murderous, rampaging guy. You said we should still eat out because it was so nice there... so I agreed.
We decided we would not be afraid. We were not going to let this guy run our lives. If he came up to us, we would just tell him no, whatever it was he wanted us to do. No more fear!

So again, I'll repeat the question I started with at the beginning of this article: Do you believe in love, or do you believe in fear?
When this new financial system is announced, will you buy into the mountains of "fear porn" telling you that it is a diabolical plan from hell?
When ETs are announced, will you embrace them as our long-lost brothers and sisters, or think they must be hideous, shape-shifting demons that want to utterly destroy human civilization? 
You have a choice about what you will believe and how you will live your life. I put my very best effort into combining 30 years' worth of research together to present my own informed opinion.
The Ebook version is excellent, as the vast majority of the over 1000 academic references in the book are directly linked to websites you can read.
In an Ebook, you can click on the link and it takes you right to the reference section. Then you can click on the website URL and go and read exactly where I got my citations from.
The audio version is a complete read of the entire book that I did over the course of a full week earlier this year. It has been getting very positive ratings.
The Amazon and Barnes and Noble reader reviews for the new book are extremely positive -- a solid five stars on Amazon. Everyone is saying it is a life-changing experience to read it!
Your purchase of this book allows us to keep on doing what we do best. The book is still being held at a "subsidized" low price by the publisher, for just a short time longer, as a thank-you to our loyal readers for your support.

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