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OCTOBER 14, 2011

This is a special "time-sensitive" blog message based on the movements of the heavens. The Creator has given us something very special this Feast of Tabernacles, a sign just above our heads. The heavens are shouting and proclaiming a time of financial blessings again. If you looked up into the sky the past few night, you have seen the beautiful full Moon. To the right of the Moon is Jupiter looming high as a double witness to the season we are in. They are both in Aries along with Uranus, this is a lot of power to manifest desires in the material world. The Feast of Tabernacles - Sukkot is the season of rejoicing and blessings; a time of God's favor, consideration and compassion. "The set time has come.." Psalms 102:13 In the natural it is literally the season of Harvest, reaping what you have sown. It is also called the feast of Ingathering and Abundance. After you sow a seed you must position yourself to receive and expect.

This Feast of Tabernacles, we have been blessed with the heavens boldly declaring, prophesying and confirming just over our head; we must also prophesy. "The heavens declare (prophesy, foretell)...the firmament shows forth his handiwork (how he operates)." Psalms 19:1 

On the journey to deeper levels of spirituality, we come to realize that ancient Greek and Roman Mythology and Astrology are important keys to unlock mysteries in the Bible. Jupiter is the 5th planet from the Sun. It is the planet of good luck, good fortune and blessings. In Roman Mythology, Jupiter is the same as Zeus in Greek mythology. Jupiter is the happy (joyful) god of Abundance, Wealth and Wisdom. He is called the God of gods or King of gods. He is known for giving a double-portion blessing in mythology. Jupiter is the Sky-god that sends the rain that produces the harvest. "Ask for rain (blessings) in the time of the latter rain (Feast of Tabernacles-7th month),so the LORD shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain (showers of blessings), to every one grass in the field." Zechariah 10:1 

Melchizedek, Priest of El Elyon- God the Most High, met Abram before he became AbraHam, while coming from the war with kings of the nations (united nations) and defeating them. Abram gave a tenth (tithe) of all to Melchizedek and he blessed Abram. After Abram met Melchizedek and was blessed by him, he had an experience with Yahweh - Genesis 15. After this his name was changed, he got Sarah pregnant and produced the long awaited promised seed, Isaac (laughter, joy, bliss). Abrams seed to Melchizedek is what released the promised seed. Genesis 14
Malki = King, Zedek is the ancient name for Jupiter. So Melchi or Malki Zedek is King Jupiter. This is the way it is written in the Masoretic (Hebrew) Biblical text. So King Jupiter blessed Abraham, he increased and became the wealthiest man in the area. He became a blessing to all nations. His son Isaac, sowed seed (gave) during the time of famine (double dip recession) and God blessed him 100 fold that same year. Genesis 26:12 Do you understand the power of the seed in any form? That seed has the energetic information or DNA to reproduce itself in an unlimited fashion. That is also true about Money or Currency, it is only energy which can be instructed to multiply and flow to you as an unending current.


To add to this wonderful heavenly declaration of financial blessings, on Friday night Venus will join in with Jupiter @ 180 degrees for a few weeks. Venus rules the 2nd Zodiac house Taurus, which is the Zodiac house of Money (Material Wealth).
Over the next few weeks, there will be a financial turn around for many, as Jupiter and Venus will be seen together in the night sky exerting their influences of blessings, wealth and prosperity. (This period is an excellent opportunity for the RV of the IQD. However, we have no clear word it will manifest during this time).
Eye do see some positive changes in the markets over the next few weeks, Metals, Commodities, Currency, etc.

Venus also rules the 7th Zodiac house of Libra, which rules Relationships. Eye know that many of you reading this, within the past 9 days encountered some bumps in your relationship. Some were major bumps. Marital relationships seem to have taken a turn for the worse, anger, rage and communication breakdown has taken place over the past several days. Old wounds and things that you thought were over seemed to resurface just out of the blue. A lot of negative words were spoken out of hurt. Some of you found out things you suspected but did not really want to know. 
There were others, people that had not been a serious part of your life in a while made contact. This caused and stirred up some unsettling emotions. Word to you is, DON'T REPEAT THAT CYCLE AGAIN. You already know how the saga will end. Relationships on many levels (family, friends, business, jobs) were strained in the past 9 days and some unusual things were happening. Kids and parents, discovery of things.

Eye have good news. Saturn (type of Satan) has been at superior conjunction but will have to move, because Venus is coming. Everything that took place negatively over the past 9 days is about to be overshadowed and swallowed up in Love. Venus the goddess Love, Beauty and Creativity arrives on Friday, the 14th. Communication will be quickly restored. Eye see relationships getting back on track and great Forgiveness extended. All the anger, imbalance and feelings of insecurity are leaving. Realize that no one can ever know exactly how you feel and therefore can not be as sensitive toward your feeling/emotions as you'd like them to be.
All is well, for most of you everything will get back to normal. Others, you will realize that God has set you free from more unnecessary heartache. (This is the word of the LORD for those of you that fall into the category of within the past 9 days of events happening or intensifying).

Saturn (Satan) will return again toward the end of the month to try to stir up trouble. "Resist the devil and he will flee from you." The Sun will be in the 8th Zodiac house of Scorpio at that time. Remember who you are. Challenges and temptations may be presented in the forms of intimacy, infidelity and flings that could create problems.


This is the season of rejoicing, and the joy of the LORD is your strength. Take advantage of this positive financial energy and sow some seed in "good soil" while King Jupiter-Melchizedek & Venus is shinning bright. Expect a Double Portion blessing. These are universal principle that the ancients used in knowing the set times for sowing seed. This is what the Creator told the people to do during the 8 days of Sukkot. They were to go beyond their regular giving during this "set time". One of the reasons why is because within 6 months later they would have the opportunity to start a brand new cycle of blessings and reap a harvest on what was sown during this "set time" of Tabernacles. This awesome plan of the Creator was based on what the heavens would be doing 6 months later. Here's a clue. In the first paragraph, I told you that the Moon and Jupiter is in Aries along with Uranus. Where will the Sun be 6 months from now? Will it not be in Aries??!! (More on that later) Here is what God instructed: 

"These are the appointed feasts of God which you will decree as sacred assemblies for presenting Fire-Gifts to God: the Whole-Burnt-Offerings, Grain-Offerings, sacrifices, and Drink-Offerings assigned to each day. These are in addition to offerings for God's Sabbaths and also in addition to other gifts connected with whatever you have vowed and all the Freewill-Offerings you give to God." Leviticus 23:37-38

Within the next 6 days of Sukkot, release an "additional seed" from your hands with an assignment. Tell that seed what you want it to accomplish within the next 6 months or sooner. Did you not know that you can actually talk to Money, Check Book, Visa or Debit Card and it MUST OBEY? Aren't you a son or daughter of God? Did He not give you dominion? Did not Jesus even say, If you continue to speak to a literal mountain, it would obey you? You must operate in faith and believe. You then obligate the universe to materialize your desires. Use your God given powers along with the universal principle of Giving and Receiving. We are not telling you where to sow this "additional seed" as prescribe for this "set time" for the Feast of Tabernacles - but make sure it is fertile soil. 

This is the second day of the Feast of Tabernacles, the 7th Feast of the 7th month on the sacred Calendar. This is God's holiday that He set aside as "set times" for favor, blessings and consideration. This year the planets are also bearing witness of Abundance coming. Jupiter is conjunct with the Moon and Venus is joining them. Jupiter and Venus are celestial prophets declaring Abundance and blessing coming. Leviticus 23:37-38 gives us instructions of what to do to position ourselves to receive Abundance. We are only interpreting the heavens, agreeing by releasing the prophetic word from the earth realm to establish it, and confirming it with the ancient scripture.
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