~ ♥ The Crystal Caves are emerging to the 3rd dimension of visibility at this t...ime in history, so we can have access to the electromagnetic frequencies that will allow for the merging of the fifth & sixth dimensions. This activation will allow for the emergence of more & more light energy.

Light energy is merely "Angstrom units per second," that an element or cell vibrates at if measured. Like the blades moving in a fan, the measure of these units depict how much light or transparency is available. Crystal energy is high on the vibrational scale of Angstrom units, and has the ability to compell the human aura, not neccesarily incline the human will though!...LOL

The Crystal Cave of Giants located inside the Naica Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico was accidentally discovered in 2001 by two working miners. The vibrations are so immense, that the heat prevents them from studying this site further.

It lies almost 300 meters below the Earths surface. It is the home to the largest crystals known in the world which are over 11 meters long and weigh 55 tons. The crystals themselves are created by hydrothermal fluids originating from the magma chambers below or made of gypsum/ selenite. Moreover, some crystals were formed over a span of about half a million years in a hot water solution, saturated with minerals.

Ten years after the amazing discovery, this giant crystal cave is under negotiation to be claimed for World Heritage status. This will ensure the preservation & protection of this site for future generations. Its emergence is timely, as our future generations of emerging lightworkers & healers are looking forward to playing with Mother Natures toys, buried since Atlantean times. This will be exciting!!

♥ RLW ♥
By: Rainbow Lightning Woman



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