Differences of the 3rd and 4th Dimensions By: Heidi Walter

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We have the opportunity now on Earth to ascend from the 3rd into the 4th and ultimately the 5th dimension. What are the characteristics and rules of the 3rd and 4th and how can you tell them apart? Here's my take on what Saint Germain says.

What's The Difference Between the 3rd and 4th Dimensions 

Because we are in a huge evolutionary phase on Earth, I frequently get confused as to what is actually happening. I feel the body and emotional challenges just like other people and my curious mind wants answers. I know we are quickening our vibration from a 3rd dimensional vibration to the 4th. But I just couldn’t get clear on the differences between those dimensions. So I asked Ascended Master Saint Germain to tell me.

Saint Germain: Very, very distinctive difference between them.  The rules of the 3rd dimension: right, wrong, light, dark, polarity, me, I, the whole development of the ego–that’s all 3rd dimensional.
In 3rd dimension, you’re exploring individually, you have your own very individual and personal experience and it’s private because it’s individual. That’s why your minds are governed so you can’t read each other’s minds. You can’t detect each other’s energy. You can’t communicate with anybody in 3rd dimension for a reason.

It’s an individual, private experience of self.  I, or that Ego.  So you see everything from a place of ‘you don’t really know what’s going on ever.’  You don’t have any clue.  You have to look and observe and touch–that’s why you have to have so many senses.  Because your senses make it possible to interrelate with each other.

Pain is pain. Hunger is hunger. Soft is soft. Hot is hot. etc.
So the basic 3rd dimensional senses are how you communicate or interact on a sameness plane. Except you don’t even see yourselves as ‘same’ as human beings. You can’t even find one species called ‘human being.’ You have a female and a male and then they have to be religious and skin color and all shapes and sizes, etc.  All the differences.

You’re so separated out even as a single species but that’s what 3rd dimension does. It’s all about the grain of sand and not the beach.
So the 3rd dimension rules are clear: you can overpower another person easily. It’s so easy to brainwash, it’s so easy to influence another or be influenced because you’re so vulnerable. You have no protection mechanism.  And your minds are useless.

The human mind is so ineffective and useless.  It can’t hold its focus for 5 seconds because it’s supposed to be functioning in this always-changing environment.  The human mind is designed to work in continuous and constant change.  There’s no Oneness.  There’s all this ‘stuff’ going on all the time.

So almost everything about your humanness in 3rd dimension is about maintaining survival in your separateness.  Giving you even a speck of time to feel separate, different, alone.  But that’s what you’re supposed to feel.

In 3rd dimension you birth out of yourself–everything has to be a finger off of you. That’s why they said in the Bible-it’s a rib off of Adam that made Eve.  It’s the whole idea that everything is separate but interlocked.  You’re all dependent on each other.  You have to eat the plants, the animals.  Everything is interdependent and yet at the same time totally separate.  That’s 3rd dimension and there are lots of rules in it.

But the primary thing is to survive whether it’s survival of the body or survival of the mind or survival of your spirit or survival of your beliefs.  It doesn’t really matter what survival it is.
Everything is trying to survive.  Everything is about protection.  Everything is about a battle, internally and externally.  Opposites, opposites, opposites.  It’s about 2.  There are 3 in the 3rd dimension but the experience is about 2.  Everything being 2 trying to find its 3rd.  That’s why 2 come together to make a child.

There’s light and dark but what’s in between the light and dark?  There’s this transition.  And that’s the 3rd.

So there’s this constant living in the 2 and there’s a 3rd.  The 3rd is whatever the 2 create.  And that makes the 3rd dimension.
The 4th dimension, if you think about it, is actually going to be 3 pieces working together to create the 4th.  So that’s why you’ll hear people as they start to work toward the 4th dimension: it used to be ‘body, mind, spirit.’  Now it’s going to be ‘body, mind, spirit, and soul.’  That’s the 4th piece coming in.

4th dimension doesn’t have the separation.  There’s no polarity in it.  It’s Wholeness.
Before we come into body, we work our way out of Wholeness into Individuation.  From where we are now, we are working our way from Individuation into Wholeness.  With one you are working out of Wholeness, with the other you’re working toward Wholeness in your body.

Because the human body has the potential–actually all living things do–but that will take some work before people discover that–all living things have a 4th dimensional representation on Earth.  So you can be on the Earth and be 4th dimensional but the 3rd dimension cannot see the 4th.  You can’t see your 4 pieces.

Every living thing has something you cannot see and can’t participate in.  It’s not there and yet it’s there.  But you can’t see it.

And the 4th dimension has a whole new way about it.  There’s no dividing, there’s no conquering, there’s no fighting, there’s no protection, no dying, no aging.  It’s eternal.  There’s no cycling.  A tree, even if the physical being of it were gone, would still be there.  Its essence is on the Earth and the Earth is layers and layers of essences.

All dimensions are represented on the Earth but you can’t see them.  You can sense them but they’re just not recognizable with the governors present in the 3rd dimension.  The 3rd dimension is too limited.  But of course you’re not just 3rd dimensional.

The point is that when you as a human being walk into the 4th dimension as a human being, you have everything already in you to do that.   You already are 4th dimensional but it’s just that all those parts are closed down.  They’re not awakened or activated.  But they can be.  They can be activated in your sleep overnight.  You don’t have to go through these big long drawn-out processes.  Will you?  Yes, but you don’t have to.  It can be quick.

Question from Heidi: So what we have the op
portunity to do now is walk into the 4th dimension and keep the body?

Saint Germain: No, you’ll have a 4th dimensional body.  Which will be made up of a series of holograms.  You’ll have a 4th dimensional body, not a 3rd dimensional body.

Heidi: But my 3rd dimensional body won’t just crack and fall off, will it?

Saint Germain: No, no, no, it’s just energy.  You’ll start waking up and you’ll just see yourself differently.

The Earth will become mostly 4th dimensional.  But there still has to be a 3rd dimension on Earth.  You can find the 4th dimension now on Earth.  It’s called vortex areas.  Stonehenge or in the Southwest USA.  There are high populations of 4th dimensional beings there.  You can move into that and feel an experience but you can’t be in it.  But you can remember it.

The more you can understand that 3rd and 4th exist simultaneously and how that looks–well, you’re not quite there yet.  We have 2,000 years in order for this to unfold.  So it’s just starting and we’re waiting for about 3 more generations to just be so reduced on the 3rd dimensional incarnations that it leaves space for the 4th dimensional beings to be on Earth.




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