Burt Goldman, Quantum Jumping

Uploaded on Oct 2, 2011

Shared with gratitude

I personally saw a lot of truth in this and may look wacky on the surface but invite you all to do your research on this..that may be YOUR invitation to enter through the looking glass :-)

Here is the link to the source of the video
This may change your life :-)



Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for connecting with me. I have spent the last fifty years of my life studying meditation and spirituality and I look forward to sharing my life learnings with you. Sincerely, Burt
Burt Goldman (born in Brooklyn, New York at September 28, 1927) is an American writer and author of several personal development books and audio courses, artist and photographer.
Goldman is best known for the creation of Quantum Jumping — a personal development program based on the Multiverse theory. It assumes that each person has an infinite number of variations of their lives which exist in parallel universes and using the power of the mind he can "tap into" the resources of these parallel existences to get advice or energy from his twin self.
Burt Goldman, fondly known to his fans as The American Monk, is a world renowned meditation master, a spiritual coach and mind power expert and has dedicated his life to helping people find their inner confidence and self esteem in their own lives. When he is not helping others, he is on a constant quest to better himself and always working on new and exciting projects.

To Burt, age is never an excuse to stop living.

At the age of 83, he’s just like any other person his age who relishes in peace and quiet, likes spending quality time with my grandchildren, and enjoys nothing more than sitting down to a good book, but Burt is also an accomplished author, artist, photographer and musician. If Burt can master life, so can you.

For more than 50 years, Burt has been improving the lives of people who want to live better. His techniques are so amazingly effective he calls them the lazy man’s way to achieve enlightenment.

Burt Goldman now lives in Los Angeles and just celebrated his 83rd in September 2010. 



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