Brilliant 3 Phase Crop Circle at Stanton St Bernard

This magical formation which appeared in 3 phases is perhaps one of the most symbolic of all the crop circles so far this season as it bears a clear message of imminent 'evolution in progress' ... with the celestial alignment of 2012, our solar system enters deeper into the photon belt ... cosmic rays are pushing the sun into the next stage in its evolution ... we can expect some 'itz' (cosmic sap) coming our way from the Sun ... nudging us forward into the next stage in our evolution ... Lets tune in and stay tuned :)

Phase 1 : 29th June 2012

Phase 2 : 17th July 2012

Phase 3 : 22nd July 2012




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  1. The formation was said to look like symbols from ancient India that look like UFO's in the sky. They were called Vimanas or "Vymaanika Shastra".

    Years before I recorded a report of a UFO that looked similar to the 2012 crop circle. Excerpt --

    << In late June, 1991, I met the daughter of my next door neighbor. As usual, I directed the conversation to my favorite topic, my dream project. After a bit, she said she was going to tell me about an experience she seldom reveals to anyone. One night several years earlier, she, her husband, and children returned home to the remote area where they lived near Lake Don Pedro, California.

    Something seemed strange. There was no sound from the various farm animals, and the dogs did not come to greet them as is usual. Suddenly, a giant UFO came around a hill and hovered. It was about 100 yards long and had lots of lights, some of which rotated. She drew a picture of it for me:

    She called the authorities and reported the event. Needless to say, they were extremely frightened by this experience. >>