THE MASTER GAME of TALISMAN (summary) by Robert Bauval

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A "Clique of Billionaires" (i.e. "gods") who believe in a "Master Game" are maneuvering the world toward a predetermined goal. Such a game can quickly be transcended if we remove the "belief system" where assumption displaces reasonable critical thinking. Also, to the Arab world the word "Freemason" is synonymous with the word "Zionist" which is also why Freemasonry has been connected with certain Jews and the concept of Communism.

How many people realize that Germany, or the bankers supporting Germany, literally GAVE the United States the atomic bomb via "Operation Paperclip" as a means of threatening global communistic control by bombing Japan and scaring off the combined Muslim military opponents of Israel at the time which were Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq? Coincidentally, President Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States at the time as well as a 32nd Degree Mason during World War 2 who apparently did not want to bomb Japan and mysteriously died leaving Vice-President Truman as the 33rd President and whom also happened to be a 33rd Degree Mason to play God and bomb Japan killing hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of people. This was JUST AFTER (11 minutes after) signing the United States' approval of Israel becoming a state and scaring off Israel's opponents!

The Catholics created Vatican City as a sovereign physical location with tremendous power, then, a similar but more esoteric organization created The City of London Corporation with even more power. Then, a consolidated group of powerful people created The District of Columbia now known as Washington, D.C. as a focal point for global power. All three of these locations have the symbol of a tall pyramid-topped stone monument obelisk. An additional "power" location is currently being created in Jerusalem in Israel.

TALISMAN: To initiate into the mysteries, and/or, an amulet or other object considered to possess supernatural or magical powers that are placed on the object by an outside force. In magic a talisman is endowed with magical properties or magical force with a specific nature. It could be a sentimental object or souvenir of some kind that when looked at years later evokes a certain emotional response. Can you see how this might apply to the State of Israel and/or the general area of Palestine for multiple cultures?

MOUNT MORIAH: Location of two of the most sacred shrines of Islam, the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, also known as, The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and the Wailing Wall which is part of what used to be Solomon's Temple.

"Strangely, one of the techniques of this game is to EXPOSE the game!"

In the Arab world the word "Mason" is synonymous with the word "Zionist."

"The Master Game" and "Talisman" books were co-written by both Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock.

Robert Bauval was born in Alexandria, Egypt to Belgian parents. He is a researcher of ancient Egypt and a bestselling author, probably best known for his Orion Correlation Theory. In this interview Robert will talk about his latest book, co-authored with Graham Hancock called, The Master Game: Unmasking the Secret Rulers of the World. The Master Game is a part-conversion and update of the previous book Talisman (2004) which now takes into account 911 and the so-called 'War on Terror' and exposes its true origins, as well as exposes the clash of civilization that is taking us head on towards a Biblical Armageddon. Robert will trace an ancient conflict, a master game, from its deepest roots in ancient Egypt to today. We'll explore deeper into the conflict between the Jews and the Arabs and the formation of the State of Israel. Then, we'll discuss the Masonic & Zionist conspiracy theories and political and religious movements, which he'll tie into the master game. He ends the hour talking about the dangers of getting caught up in the game as well as the absurdity of it. Robert urges us to see what is going on, to expose it and to end it.

Full 84-minute version of Part 1:
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A 20-minute summary version with a little more information is at:

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