The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 9 The Guilty Men

What surprises me the most in the History Channel documentary is the following: In which state of mind and for which reasons did Mary Moorman voluntarily take part to what could be called a "probable" operation of disinformation? I can't accept or imagine that Mary could have made such an error without good reasons, but… which ones?
If one considers that it was really an operation of disinformation this one has perfectly succeeded.

And consequently,… the wrong orientation of Moorman camera, in "JFK" movie, can be regarded as the result of this skilful operation of disinformation.

Mary Moorman into the Muchmore and Zapruder films
Hereunder two frames coming from Muchmore and Zapruder films.
As you can see, Mary Moorman is holding her camera horizontally.

Some important explanations sent by Gary Mack, Curator of The Sixth Floor Museum
Hereunder a mail that Gary Mack sent me in the hours following the launch of this page on Internet. Gary Mack's explanations rule out all suspicions regarding an operation of disinformation voluntarily orchestrated by The History Channel.
However, a question remains question marked: Could Olivier Stone have been misled by this documentary? That could explain why the actress, impersonating Mary Moorman, is also holding the camera vertically.




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