Ascension Symptoms

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When I first came across this list of Ascension Symptoms I was blown away. I realised I had 19 out of 26 and things are really moving fast now. Just the fact the others around the world are experiencing the same things I was proved very comforting. Therefore, I felt it was important to pass on this information.


Signs of Spiritual Awakening in the Ascension Process

What are ascension symptoms and what do they mean? This page looks at what the true signs of ascension are, from symptoms that are caused by the process of awakening and letting go, to those symptoms of actually being in the latter stages of ascension.

This is a time of great spiritual awakening and many speak of the term ascension, or ascension process. This involves a change in belief and consciousness, and as we move into a more loving, blissful state of being, we inevitably go through changes and issues that arise from letting go, clearing blockages and overcoming the ego.

Here we look at some of the "side effects" of the ascension journey, what they mean, and what you can do about them, through a comprehensive checklist, and some inspirational videos.

Ascension Symptoms - Awakening Signs

This video is visually stunning and beautiful to listen to. But it also carries deeply wonderful messages about awakening signs and symptoms of ascension. It conveys the fact that ascension is a journey, a path, a process - one that is to be enjoyed and to be thankful for, as it helps us heal, learn and raise our consciousness and vibration.

Ascension Symptoms

11 Physical Symptoms of Ascension

  • 1A Change in Sleeping Patterns
    This can include:
    * Waking up at certain times of the night
    * Restlessness, hot feet or flushes
    * Needing less or more sleep than usual
    * Sleep disturbances
    * Feeling tired despite getting enough sleep

  • 2Intense Activity at the Crown of the Head
    This is usually in the form of strange sensations along the scalp (and sometimes down the spine as well) - a feeling of tingling, crawling, itching, prickling and similar sensations. This activity can also include the sensation of intense energy vibration on the top of the head, almost like something is going to burst from your head in energy-form. This can be quite disturbing but is actually the opening of the crown chakra.

    IMPORTANT: I have experienced this sensation and it is quite scary if you don't know what it is - early on I actually went to the doctor because I was worried there was something wrong (as is the first instinct when something feels weird with your head!). I also had dizziness, which I later found out is another symptom of this process. But never assume that something unusual is an ascension symptom. If you are worried, DO get checked out just in case. If nothing else you will get peace of mind.

  • 3Experiencing Changes in the Senses
    This can include:
    * Changes to sight and experiencing new ways of seeing, such as blurred vision, seeing auras, flashes in the corner of the eye, seeing particles or shining objects, seeing white shapes out of the corner of the eye (guides),
    Also, when the eyes are closed, you may see geometric shapes and brilliant colours or vivid spiritual images. You may also see red instead of black/dark.

    * Changes to hearing and adjustment to new frequencies, such as an increase or decrease in hearing ability, auditory fuzziness (where you can't always make out what people are saying, sometimes dubbed "audio dyslexia"), hearing white noise, suddenly receiving a brief, high pitched tone in one ear (usually the left, sometimes the right - this is known as downloading a spiritual transmission from guides, angels, Source etc), hearing voices in your dreams
    * Changes in taste, touch and smell, such as sensitivity enhancement of these senses, smelling the fragrance of flowers when they are not there, detecting the chemical additives in food and other products through smell and taste
  • 4Sensitivity and Skin Reactions
    The sloughing off of toxins may cause increased skin eruptions, such as acne/spots, hives, shingles, bumps and other rashes.

  • 5Looking Younger and Feeling Greater Vitality
    As emotional traumas, belief limitations, fears, blockages and other issues are cleared, this can leave you looking and feeling more youthful and energised. Literally a new lightness of being.

  • 6Physical Manifestations and Ailments
    During the process of clearing blockages, fears and so on, physical manifestations may occur as the body cleanses itself and adjusts to the higher frequency of vibration you are achieving. Such manifestations can include:

    * Aches and pains, often in the back and neck, as well as headaches. There may also be flu-like symptoms
    * Joint numbness or pain, sudden spasms or involuntary movements, muscular spasms
    * Digestive issues, cramping
    * Chest pains
    * Changes in sexual desire
    * Previous conditions, often from childhood, may surface for final healing

    IMPORTANT! As previously mentioned, if you are concerned with anything, seek medical advice. If all is well, and the ailment is due to ascension, know that it is only temporary and for your greater healing.

  • 7Dizziness
    Spells of dizziness are caused by your body adjusting to a higher vibrational frequency, or when you are ungrounded.
    A great way to ground yourself is by placing your bare feet on earth, grass or large, flat stones. Crystals can also help.

  • 8Heart Palpitations
    A momentary experience of a racing heart or palpitations can be a sign of the heart opening, via the heart chakra. The heart is coming back into balance after an emotional release.
    IMPORTANT! As previously mentioned, if you are concerned, seek medical advice. If all is well, and the ailment is due to ascension, know that it is only temporary and for your greater healing.

  • 9A Change in Eating Habits
    This can include:
    * Increased or decreased appetite
    * Unusual cravings or choices in food
    * Sudden onset of food allergies or intolerance
    * A desire to eat healthy, high vibrational food
    Go with your instinct and provide your body with what it needs. Preparing homemade food is best, and blessing it also helps to raise its vibration. I don't believe that you have to eat vegetarian or vegan, but I do believe in eating high vibrational food, which means choosing high quality, organic food and local produce.

  • 10Changing or Beginning Exercise Routines that Support Body, Mind and Spirit
    Any desire to exercise and lose weight or get healthier will be coupled with a desire to not only take care of the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Yoga, Tai Chi and other practices will help achieve the body-soul balance.

  • 11A Greater Body/Space Awareness
    This involves becoming more aware of how you move within space and time. Physically moving with more fluidity as your posture improves, and becoming more aware of your body, moving into areas of pain or discomfort in order to discern the lesson or blockage causing them. Becoming more self-aware.

Ascension Symptoms and Dark Night of the Soul

This video focuses on some of the more "negative" aspects of the ascension process. If you feel lost, frustrated, stuck or confused when experiencing any of these symptoms, try to move into a state of Love, knowing that whatever is occurring is doing so for a reason, It is only temporary, and for your greater good, because the lesson it brings will help you move out of a blockage if you move into it willingly with acceptance. Understanding that each experience is a good thing helps you to move through them with more joy and ease.

More Ascension Symptoms

11 Ascension Shifts in the Self

  • 1A Desire to Break Free from Patterns, Cycles and Limitations
    This is often a trigger that begins the main part of the ascension journey. It is part of a transition into greater self awareness and a desire to live from the soul, rather than the ego. You may:

    * Want to break free from a pattern that has plagued you for a long time, such as blocked creativity, avoidance issues, cycle of financial problems and so on
    * Wish to break away from toxic or energy draining people, situations, jobs or lifestyle
    * Want to be able to express yourself creatively and truthfully, and have the freedom to be your true self
    * Wish to remove all things, people and situations from your life that no longer serve who you are. You will be drawn to de-cluttering your home and even yourself
    * Feel compelled to "find yourself" and work out what your true purpose is in life
    Follow your heart in all of the above. The key to breaking out of patterns is to become more self-aware and live in the present moment, rather than stuck in the past or fixated on the future. The Soul Ascension Guide has in-depth advice on how to overcome patterns and move out of ego into a state of self awareness and love.

  • 2A Desire to Go Within
    Following on from the desire to break free from patterns, comes the desire to go within. All the answers to our self-destructive patterns and cycles are found within.
    Going inside ourselves is never easy, as we often have to face things we don't want to. It is, however, an essential part of the process. An integral part of ascension is facing our inner fears and demons to heal them and let them go, as well as facing and accepting all parts of ourselves, even those parts we don't like. It is the balancing of our light and shadow selves, which is how we are able to move into a state of unconditional self-love and acceptance.

  • 3A Loss of Interest in the "New Age" Market
    During the ascension process, you will probably find yourself less and less interested in all things "new age". You will find answers from your own inner guidance and intuition, learning to trust your Higher Self. Only those spiritual topics that serve the ascension process will be of interest to you.

  • 4A Desire to Live in Synch with Nature
    As you become less attached to the material and commercial world, you will find yourself becoming more attuned to nature - the passing of the seasons, the moon phases, the natural cycles of the Earth, You may desire to eat more seasonally and become aware of how your body and emotions change according to lunar cycles, and so on.
    You may also be drawn to nature more than before, feeling like you have a "place", and a strong connection to the planet.

  • 5A Desire to be Surrounded by Situations and People in Synch with You, and to Let Go of Those that are Not
    When you go through the ascension process, you may find that some people and things in your life begin to fall away. If someone resists the shifting consciousness, they may no longer resonate with you and your beliefs.
    Don't force anything - just let intuition guide you and if it feels right to let a relationship or situation go, then let it fall away.
    You will also find that new people and situations will start coming into your life, that DO resonate with you, your purpose, and your state of being.

  • 6A Deep Desire to be True to Yourself and your Divine Purpose/Mission
    You may feel a need to do more than what your current job allows, or something more meaningful, either to you, or the world, or both.
  • You need to tap into what truly makes you happy. Who are you. What makes you unique? What gift do you have, that you can share with others? It doesn't have to be something world-changing, just the thing that you do well, that you enjoy more than anything else, and that you can give out to the world with love.

  • 7A Desire to Find your Soul Mate or Reunite with your Twin Flame
    During the process of ascension, or even just before it, you may find yourself learning about the concept of soul mates and twin flames, often via synchronicity bringing it to your attention. You may have a strong desire to find your soul mate, or reunite with your twin flame. The latter may or not be possible for you. Only some twin flames are meant to reunite in this lifetime, and usually few do, but in this era of accelerated change, many twins have incarnated together to assist in the raising of consciousness across the planet.

    The twin flame reunion can only be successful if you have come to love and accept yourself as a soul, otherwise the relationship will be like any other flawed 3D relationship acting from ego.
    A more detailed explanation of what twin flames are and the process of reunion will be available shortly. You can find out more at the excellent Twin Flames Sacred Keys website.
  • 8Impatience
    You may feel like you want to get on with what you anticipate to be coming to you in the future. Uncertainty of what lies ahead makes you uncomfortable.
    Impatience actually highlights a lack of trust, and in order to move ahead and manifest what you desire, you need to surrender to the uncertainty and have faith in your Higher Self and power. Focusing on the present moment only helps to achieve this, allowing the manifestation of miracles to occur!

  • 9A Willingness to Move into Fears and Blockages to Heal them with Love
    Initially, our instinct is to deny or "run away" from our fears and blockages or patterns. The further along the ascension process we go, the more willing we become to move into them and heal them from a state of love.

  • 10An Acceptance of the "Dark" Self
    We all have aspects of ourselves that we prefer to bury or deny. Our ego likes to tell us that these things make us bad or less worthy people. The ascension process helps us to accept, heal and love the parts of ourselves that we don't like, so that we can move into a state of complete self-love.

  • 11A Deep Love for the Self and Others
    As you come to experience all of the above, the love you have for yourself and for others will deepen. Ascension is about loving the self unconditionally but it is also about loving all others unconditionally, because ascension is a change of consciousness into "Christ consciousness", and this involves the realisation that we are all One, and therefore we have to love ourselves and all others, because we are all part of the one original Source/God.



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