It's All Just a Little Bit of History Repeating

Uploaded by on Jul 5, 2010
Chapter 1 -
T.W.A.T. = The War Against Terror

Beyond the Matrix - I have created this series in an effort to combine all of the most important and relevant topics, subjects, facts and information available into one place, one series of videos and to present this information in an entertaining, easy to watch and easy to understand format that will ultimately paint a clear and complete picture of our true and actual reality.

Chapter One - covers The War Against Terrorism, Al-Qeada, Osama Bin Laden, Iraq and all of the relevant political, financial and moral issues associated with these wars.

Chapter 2 - covers the whole 9/11 subject and consists of over thirty videos.
Chapter 3 - is about political corruption and election fraud.

Chapter 4 - discusses who the real rulers are, the puppet masters pulling the strings of the political puppets we call our government. The hidden controllers who have the wealth, the power and means to manipulate the entire world. The money masters and war monger's of the NWO elite.

Chapter 5 - brings it all together and concludes the series with a clear understanding of what's going on, who's behind it all and why.

Disclaimer; Any footage used in this video is readily available on the internet and has already been broadcast in the public domain. All footage is specifically used for non-profit educational purposes only and therefore does not infringe upon any copyright laws under the 'fair use' clause.
Note: If your video footage has been used in this series, please contact me via PM with your details, the video chapter and part #'s that contain your footage, so I can acknowledge you in the credits, thank you.


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