World Drum Scheduled for “Moment” Event in Hot Springs

World Drum Scheduled for “Moment” Event in Hot Springs

Hot Springs, Arkansas – Several thousand people from around the globe are expected to arrive in Hot Springs on October 20, 2012 for a massive prayer event being called “The Moment”.   One of these people will be Morten Storeide of Norway who has been responsible for making the World Drum Project a reality.  

                The World Drum Project started as a vision of a drum that would travel around the planet passed from hand to hand via grassroots support. This drum was intended to be a ‘wake-up’ call for the people of Earth, to resound with a healing vibration wherever it traveled.  This was the vision of a Shaman called White Cougar.  When Mr. Storeide heard of this vision he said “This is it, this is my task, we are going to make this happen.”  A Shaman named Birger Mikkelsen was contacted to create this special drum. 

                The World Drum has now traveled around the globe 6 times.  And on October 20, just one day before it’s 6th anniversary, it will be in Hot Springs, Arkansas for The Moment event.   When Morten Storeide learned of the event, which will take place at the renowned Hot Springs Mountain, a Native American sacred site, he felt that he and the Drum ‘must’ be there,  since one of the main purposes of The World Drum is to Unite.  

The vision of The Moment is bring people together from all over the planet to join hands, hearts and minds, in prayer for healing, according to Moment organizer Rev. David Hulse, co-founder of The Moment, LLC.  “The World Drum has been joining people in prayer all over the planet for the past six years,” says Hulse. “It will be an honor to have this wonderful drum to sing with us at the Moment.”

Rev. Tom Haley, also co-founder of The Moment, LLC, states “Peace is within our reach.”  The World drum has been uniting people of all races, creeds, colors, tribes, cultures, religions and social situations and it’s vibration will assist us to come together as one people, spiritually and peacefully, to meet each other as one family of humanity, he continued.

The drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth, explains Lee “Standing Bear” Moore, of the Manataka American Indian Council.   It is this heartbeat that unites us all, continues Moore.  “When we stand upon the Mountain in fulfillment of prophecy, the drum will guide us to our hearts where Spirit will unite us all,” he said.  

 The Moment is the fulfillment of Indian prophesies when the people of all races come together in love in a single circle, give thanks and pray.  “The Moment will create a mass consciousness, a light that will spread to many lands,” says Moore.  

                All events associated with the Moment are free and open to the public.  “We want to join hands, hearts and minds with you on the sacred mountain.  Every person on this planet is a special agent of the divine,” says Rev. Tom Haley, “and we want to meet you there, heart to heart.”     

                If you are an individual who plans to attend The Moment, you are encouraged to register for this free event at www.momenthotsprings.com.  The web site and Facebook page The Moment LLC will be continually updated with the latest news concerning this momentous event.

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July 20, 2012
Contact: Linda VanBibber

World Drum Scheduled for “Moment” Event in Hot Springs


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