Give Thanks By; Elijah & The Band of Light

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Hey Everyone! This is a music video i cut together for everyone for Thanksgiving & Beyond! The song is called "Give Thanks" By +Elijah & The Band of Light, one of my biggest inspirations. I love this man, if you know him, tell him I love him and want to give him a hug!

Regardless of what this day means for you, we all must learn and practice giving thanks and love to those who are in our lives. The connections between each other is so important, this is as much a collective journey as much as it is a solo one. And to try and help shift this planet solo is ultimately to cut yourself off from the rest.

The One is All.
The All is One.

Have a beautiful day, every single day.

Ps. I'm working on a pretty big project right now called Panic to Freedom. A project that is aimed at dealing with and freeing one-self from Anxiety. If you want to check it out, please check out www.panictofreedom.com, or check out our newest video ~




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