“Living Within the Moments” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith

“Living Within the Moments” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith (originally composed via facebook on 10/29/12)
I keep waking with this song in my head first thing every morning since hearing it for the first time just about a week ago (see Jason Mraz “Living in the Moment” song video below).  The whole album is amazing. He’s amazing. YOU’RE amazing! Don’t forget it. And if you have forgotten, please take this moment to remember it… again.  I love each and every one of you. I know some of you think that may be a bit weird since some of us have never physically met in these fleshly bodies (as of yet) this time around. But it’s true. And I do. Wherever and whomever you are at this moment, I know I know you because it is all connected. And I’ve also come to learn, appreciate and understand that we need not see in order to know. Only to believe in order to see that which we already know.
I invite you to be with that piece of awareness for a moment.  Say it outloud with me…

We need not see in order to know. 
We only need to believe in order to see that which we already know.

Be well and be safe in that Knowing. Especially those of you experiencing Mother Nature’s little-big fits around the globe right now. Don’t worry, She is releasing some old built-up energies… some of which WE, the human race, are responsible for. It’s a massive time for cleansing. Mother is cleaning house, rest assured. But also know that if you are in the work of getting clear with your own “house” (aka, life and relationships) with your self, family, friends and even “strangers”, then all will be well and all will be divinely and safely guided through this process. Well, we already are anyway, but you will be more divinely aware of it.
For those of you still in resistance; still caught up in anger, judgment, and fear… Well then, loved ones, know that all this too shall pass, but now is your opportunity to stand in immense courage, faith and personal growth. And by that I mean that it’s time to surrender what you THINK you know, and allow the greater Truths of Life to be revealed to you. It really IS time to wake up to the harsh reality that you continue to create for yourself. I know, taking personal responsibility for your own attitudes, words, decisions, etc., especially those choices of the past which you currently deem as “grave mistakes”, is a tough pill to swallow. However, only YOU can live YOUR life. And life doesn’t happen TO you, it takes place THROUGH and all AROUND you. What YOU get to control is how you live your Life from within.  If something is not working, then don’t wait on the outside world to shift in order for YOU to finally get it “right”. Get right with the world first. Accept what IS to be what IS. It will not and can not be any different than what it IS in this moment anyway. It can only change in some version of a possible future now. But once you get clear with what IS, then what has the potential to become reaches higher levels of probability from the Source of infinite possibilities.
The first step to manifesting on this level is to let go of your attachments to the past.  Not just some of them… ALL of them.  But yes, it IS a process, and no, it does not happen all at once.  It took you years to create, collect and cling to your attachments to people, places, belief systems, ideas… you know, “STUFF”.  And like cleaning a dirty, dust-filled closet that’s been collecting “stuff” for a very long time, it’s going to take some time, dedication and determination to clear it out.  BUT too, not as long as you think, and not nearly as long as it took for you to cram all that “stuff” into your inner closets of being in the first place.  Hey, you’ve been doing it for years and years right?  TIme is moving much faster as we spin closer and closer towards the zero point within the cosmic timeline towards the balance of things on this tiny, little, blue, beautiful planet.   With patience and perseverance, and a little help from each another, of course, one can clean out those emotional, mental and even physical closets of the Self very quickly.  The first step is to make a choice that it’s time to clean out those closets, once and for good.  The second step?  Step up and open the door.  Be courageous and willing enough to even look inside to recognize what needs to be cleared out and what treasures are also deeply buried in there under all that “stuff” for so many years.. for many lifetimes even.  Yes, it’s time to take a look at all of that.  No doubt about it for those of us who have or already are in the process of doing it.
So… release your fears of what the future will bring. Trust that the Universe/God/Allah/Source Creator knows maybe just a liiiiiiiiiittle more than you do. Have courage that the great Mother and Father have been doing this far longer than you and/or I have even been around to experience the many lives and after-lives and spaces in between. It’s time to move beyond your current set of limitations. It’s time for this planet to rise from some really dark ashes of the past while these final fires burn away old ideas, mental constructs and patriarchal rules of greed, fear, anger and separation.
During these massive transitional times, as we push through the final quarter of 2012, many of you will lose a vast majority of material goods. Many more of you may experience family members or friends transitioning to the other side “suddenly” or “unexpectedly” over the next 3-4 months. Many of you have already begun to experience this just within these past few short weeks. Recently, several large “exit portals” (metaphysically speaking) have opened for a transitioning of a great many souls. The increased number of massive Earth-events are providing windows/doors for transition for many seeking to get to the other side, for whatever reason their own souls may decide. It may be “sudden” to many of those feeling left behind, but know that all things are perfect within the Divine timeline… even those things you may not agree with or understand.
Dear ones, we only have these moments. No future moment is ever guaranteed. I know that many of you “know” this on a cognitive level, although, believe me when I say that I also know that on some level many of you feel/believe yourselves to be invincible. And I say to you that on a higher plane that is absolutely true. But on this current level, the same rules do not apply. Not just yet anyway. And so it is important for you to realize the current fragile nature of your physical being and take care to honor, connect and grow with it as it goes through the important alchemical changes and energetic clearing opportunities that are being offered.
Your bodies ARE the Earth. They originate from it, are nourished by it and will return to it when your journey with it in this lifetime is complete. And like a child which is corded to its mother in the womb, your bodies are connected to the processes that occur on/in/around the Great Mother Earth. And the Great Mother is corded by her orbital cycles around the Divine Source of energy and light, Father Sun. Sister Moon, who is also connected to the Great Mother and all human/plant/animal kind, is equally corded by her own orbit around Earth and has an important job to do as well. At the time of this writing, Sister Moon hovers in the night sky within the constellation of Taurus ushering in the energy of the Bull to help Mother Earth clear the way of things which no longer serve humanity. Meanwhile, Father Sun brings forth the Scorpian energy of the massive revealer of dark truths and the underpinnings of old systems on this planet as we all go through this final quarter cycle of what will be a year among years in human history.
So, blessed beings, cherish this moment, right now, with all the love and gratitude that you’ve got. Know that it only leads to the next moment divine. And all those former moments are now passed, and serve simply as lessons and gifts which have lead you to this very one. And so on… and so on… and so forth.
Thank you for being. And for however long and in whatever fashion, keep doing so, until our time here is complete and we BE-come something/somehow/somewhere all together new… again.
with deep love, great appreciation, and absolute awe of the divine perfection of it all, ♥ Pheonyx

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