Three days of Darkness - Return to Zero Point Update 11-11-2012

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During a conversation Magenta is asked about the prophecy of the Three Days of Darkness. Here she conveys information she has received from "The Nine" regarding this prophecy.

Music "Time Passes" and "Dance Macabre" by Kevin Macleod - very special thanks to KEVIN MACLEOD of INCOMPETECH

All images by Stock Xchng

Video edited by Magenta Pixie and Catzmagick Productions

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And like the human Mother, getting ready to create a life in physicality, a vehicle for the incarnation of a soul, infiltration, induction or interference can be switched into it's positive counterpart - bringing assistance and triggering strength and will within both Mother and child. The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine - through Magenta Pixie.

Music by Kevin Macleod
Images by Stock Xchng
Edited by Catzmagick productions



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