FEBRUARY 11, 2013
The world is shocked with the news of the Pope resigning on February 28, 2013. "Surely the Lord GOD does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets." Amos 3:7 New American Standard Version
Last year, May 28, 2012, we prophesied "The Pope Must Go!!!" The Spirit shouted it loudly and had me declared it loudly into the atmosphere. Here is what we wrote in a blog:
"THE POPE MUST GO!!! This is what we have been hearing for the past few years... We do not know for sure how he will go, but we would be surprise to see him yet around summer 2013." Posted May 28, 2012 VATI-LEAKS
The public announcement today of the Pope resigning, is based on final private decisions made in December 2012. The Spirit gave us a time frame in a prophetic poem. I have no doubt that the time the Spirit said is when decisions were actually made for the Pope to go. However, it is 2 months later the announcement is forthcoming. Let's look at the Prophetic Poem written April 16, 2012 and see the clues of what else shall yet be:
"Eye see a Massive Earthquake registering above 11. on the Richter scale- Shall be followed by thundering, lightning and giant hail. It will set off above 7. Earthquakes worldwide and amazing Volcanic eruptions, Sending cities and nations into convulsions.
This particular Giant Earthquake will strike in the heart of the place that is dear to over 1 billion, As world-wide death toll climbs to over a million. It's epicenter will be around the seat of great power, The ancient invisible empire will be destroyed in one hour.
The empire that exist and does not, but never really fell, Changed its name and strategy - it is literally the Gates of Hell. The visible, but yet unseen force behind much of what is evil and unholy, Cloaked in royal colors of purple, scarlet, gold and white to deceive the meek and lowly.
From the sands of the coliseums and darken catacombs, the voices of the martyrs blood yet cry. For vengeance on the city where orders are yet issued for many to die. The state within the ancient city shall quake and split into three, It shall be an outward sign that all humanity has been liberated and set free.
The world leaders have come to bow and kiss his ring, Yet in 6-8 months nothing shall be what it seems. Layers and layers of deception shall be uncovered and revealed, Exposing the place where Satan lives.
More Scandals, Whistle-blowers and leaks are about to capture the media headlines. Disgrace, Shame and Deaths shall trouble many minds. The faith of many millions shall be rocked to and fro, What more could happen - the holy father must go.
The world shall look, wonder and be amazed, As this unholy empire slips into disgrace. Not long after the reporting of mishandling of finances and corruption is done, Shall the shaking and breaking of the holy city come.
Fallen, to never rise again - many shall live to tell- The secrets that were spawn at the gates of hell. Deception, perversion and corruption could not prevail."

[Written April 16, 2012 - Posted for April 17, 2012 - IS THE EARTH CRACKING UP?. Unbeknownst to me, it was Pope Benedict XVI birthday when Spirit inspired this poem]
This prophetic poem outlines many events, some of which have already begun to manifest and others are yet to be. Notice how the Spirit stated in stanzas 5 & 6 of the poem:
"The world leaders have come to bow and kiss his ring, Yet in 6-8 months nothing shall be what it seems." "What more could happen - the holy father must go.
According to Spirit - This time frame of October - December 2012 was when decisions were made final that the Pope would resign. It might eventually come out in the media. The (2) months later announcement is only for the public.
In a June 10, 2012 publication we questioned: "There are many dynamics the spirit of prophecy is dealing with in this message (poem). We know for sure many things will be changing on the planet between October and December 2012. Could it be that the Pope will be removed or gone by or between October and December 2012?" Posted in THE FALL OF ROME
On July 4, 2012, the Higgs Bison or God Particle was discovered at CERN in Switzerland. In our publication on July 4, 2012 -WHAT IS THE GOD PARTICLEwe made this comment regarding the film Angels & Demons:
"In this film, the Pope dies about 14 days before the God Particle is discovered. He is actually poisoned (murdered) by his adopted son. In the film there is scandal, conspiracy and a major power struggle at the Vatican; much like today.
Eye see the announcement regarding the God Particle as further confirmation that an event regarding the removal of the Pope will take place soon."
The symbol for the Christian Church is the Fish or Zodiac sign of Pisces the Fishes. The mitre that the Pope wears is in the shape of a Fish. He is seen as head, king or god of the Piscean Age. For the first time in 598 years a Pope is resigning. Pope Gregory XII was the last Pope to resign in 1415, he resigned amidst a Power Struggle in the Holy See. It was a crisis that became known as the Great Western Schism. Three rival popes had been selected by separate factions of the church.

So it is today behind the scenes, a great power struggle. The removal of the Pope is also another sign that Joseph must quickly come forth and that there will be a huge transfer of wealth.
On the other hand, this is the end of the Roman Catholic Church as we have known it. It will continue to have the appearance of operating business as usual, but it is only a front. The decrees went forth last year and in December that the old order of religious, political and financial systems have come to an end. And they have!
The Piscean Age has officially ended and the Pope publicly resigning February 28, 2013, while the Sun is in Pisces the Fishes is just another confirmation. February 28, the first decan/face of Pisces will be rising; it is BANDS. That is the constellation of stars that has bound the Pisces Fishes for the past 2000 years. The band is being broken asunder.

Pisces the Fishes are tied together with a Band that's connected to the neck of CETUS (the constellation of the Beast-Sea Monster). This represents the beastly mindset or carnal system and nature that heavily influences religions and the Piscean Age, which now is ending. Yes, the heavens prophesied this eons ago. "The heavens declare (prophesy)..." Psalms 19 This is why we have all the conflict with and in religions and those that choose to remain in that type of thinking. Look at this: What's on the back of the neck of the Beast Cetus? It is a constellation called Band. What is Band tied to? Pisces the Fishes of the Piscean Age. Written 1/24/13 in

The announcement of the Pope resigning comes while the Sun is in Aquarius, Cygnus the Swan rising. "Behold, when you enter into the city, There Shall a Man Meet You, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he entered in."Luke 22:10-12
Again, we are being told to move from the Piscean consciousness to the Aquarian consciousness. Follow the Man bearing the pitcher of water into the next sign house- Aquarius. It's the Outpouring of the Spirit, the outpouring of joy. He who sits in the heavens shall laugh. I rejoice.
The Pope's last day as Pope will be February. 28, coincidentally it's the feast day of a revered fifth-century Pope, Saint Hilarius. His short 7 year reign was from November 17, 461 to February 28, 468. Hilarius (hilarious) - Great joy is coming!! "Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them." Revelation 12:12
Most are not aware that the Vatican- Catholic church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence. With more wealth than any other Government, Institution or Bank in the world. It rules over more than 2 billion people. It is one of the 3 city states that control the world. Vatican is 110 acres (not a part of Rome or Italy), controls the Religious aspect of the world. You ever wonder why all the major religious leaders of the world and political leaders must go to bow before the Pope? He's the physical representation on earth of the "spiritual-religious" dark forces that control the world.
More about the coming short reign of the replacement Pope in a future writing.
Watch For More Clues In this Movie- ANGELS & DEMONS: Here is only a trailer:

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