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Get To Know Team Garmin-Sharp Cyclist David Millar


David Millar is one of the most veteran racers on the Garmin-Sharp pro cycling team. But that does not mean we know all his little quirks -- though it turns out he doesn't have too many. Still, he is one of the many who ended his first ever bike ride in some sort of crash. What is your first memory involving a bicycle? Would be when I was in Scotland -- the first time I rode a bike I crashed into the back of a car. Must have been four or something. So there you go.
TDF4_713-057 What career path would you have taken other than cycling?
It's unimaginable, to be honest. I can't even begin to think about it -- I was 18 when I turned proso never even had a chance to contemplate the real world. I'm very privileged in that sense. 
Maybe something in the arty, media side of things. 
What is your favorite race?
Tour of Flanders because it's the most spectacular, there is such a buzz about it. It's a wacky race but also a beautiful race -- it perfectly encapsulates what bike racing is about.
Millar (1) When you come home from a long time on the road is there something you 
like to do or crave?
I've spent my whole life on the road, so there's nothing really. I eat healthy at home so there isn't much there either. I'm afraid I have no interesting answer to that one.
Is there anything unique about you that the average fan might not know?
Dunno, I put all in my book, didn't I! I've been fairly open the last few years so the perceptions people have about me are probably pretty close.
MillarTDF13_713-003 Ok, are there any quirks about you?
No, there's nothing. I don't think so, you'd probably have to ask someone else!
Should we ask your wife then?
Yeah... wait, God no, don't ask her!
Check out the short video below to watch Millar in a stellar acting performance!


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